Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Dearest Humperdink

I can't believe it's been a whole year since you left me!! I think about you on a regular basis, especially when I hear a car go by with really amazing bass, like you. I really hope you're still doing well and you're being treated nicely by the nice Mexican family that took you. You should know that we're doing well, and that your brother, Squirtless, left our family as well, and we have a new beauty that's taking care of us, and his name is Squirtful (He's super fast :).

I really wish this wasn't my last memory of you,

But alas, that's how it had to happen. I miss your cute decal, and really wish I could think of something to put on the back of Squirtful that represented both Cody and I.. If you read this and have any suggestions, send them my way, will you Humperdink? (But don't be biased and say we should get another peace sign.. That was mine and your thing)

I keep hoping that one of these days I'll see you driving around town, but it's been a year without any sightings, so I'm starting to lose hope.

Anyways, Cody and I say hi, and again, I really hope you're doing well. Happy one year anniversary with your new owners!!

Love, Shaylin.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rough mornings

I'm finally getting over this dumb cold of mine and am down to the "cough my brains out" stage. (So I still don't dare go running yet, as I can't breathe regularly.) One of the worst parts is that I have the worst "tickle" (if you can even call it that.. more like "absolute annoyance") in my throat that just WILL NOT go away!! I thought I was going to die when I was driving Cody to school today because of my out of no-where cough attack..

But I am having a rough morning so far.. And yesterday. Maybe it's the bad dream's I've been having? Random! Who still has nightmares? Two nights ago it was a FREAKING long dream about me trying to find a bathroom (I drank a lot of water before bed, I guess) and ended up in a male dominated slave situation in India and they wouldn't help me find a bathroom and they were being super rude and making me and my "family" (I have no idea who they were, but in my dream we were related) stay locked up in this basement.. Weird. Then last night I had a dream that our car was being dumb. I filled it up at a gas station, and by the time I came home it was out of gas. But for some reason Cody couldn't fix it and it was a Saturday at 7pm and no mechanic shops were open and I was freaking out because I apparently had a million huge errands that I had to run the next day but couldn't do without a car. I don't know what that was about, or why it's given me this awful feeling after waking up, but I don't like it! I'm also having separation anxiety from Cody again. I hate when this happens. Maybe it's just because my body doesn't like waking up this early and it's conspiring against me by making me super emotional?

(Stalking my iPhoto seems to help a little, so I'll share these pictures for my own sake)
"I love you" 8/1/11
"Will you marry me" 9/13/11
"Yes. For Time and All Eternity. YES YES YES!" 1/21/12
One whole year!! Happy anniversary! 1/21/13
(Somehow, this was the only picture of the two of us on our anniversary.. Poor planning on my part)
I think I'm going to go back to bed, even though I have tons of homework to do and I need to shower before Preschool. But I hate doing homework when I'm in a bad mood to start out with, so sleepy time it is. See you in a couple hours, world.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Running Update

Last week I had said that I was planning on training on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (so that Cody could finally come with me!). Well, I went on Tuesday and Thursday, but my calves/shins were absolutely killing me. I could barely walk. So I went to the running store closest to my house and asked what the heck was going on. He was an imbecile and I don't think he knew what he was talking about. But he told me to roll out my calves and ice the part that hurt (which was helpful!) so I tried, but still nothing. I decided to take a few days off and let the pain go down a little bit, and hopefully let the soreness work itself out (with me rolling and icing still). Well, Monday rolls along, and I have a sore throat. A really sore throat. For the past little while, I'd wake up with a sore throat and think nothing of it because it'd be gone within a few hours.

Not this time.. It kept hurting all day!! So I had cough drops as my constant companion. The next day it was worse. Which meant I was REALLY sick. I haven't been sick in about a year and a half!! (which, is a record for me!!) (Remember the last time I was sick?) Anyways, long story short, I'm still sick, but it's worse. I'm coughing up a storm, my throat feels like it's torn into shreds, and yesterday morning I sounded like Marcel.

Cody kept asking me to say things that Marcel says, and he was laughing like crazy.

So I've been ingesting dayquil like it's my job, sucking on cough drops, and sleeping a lot more than normal!! I'm staying home from Preschool today so I don't spread this dumb cold.

And to get back onto the original topic of my "running update", I read on Sharsti's running blog that it's better to rest while you're sick than try and run, and for once I decided to follow that advice. (I'm normally running around like crazy while I'm sick, making my sickness last FOREVER!) So it's been a week since I've run, but don't give up on me!! I still have every bit of excitement about running, so as soon as I kick this cold, I'LL BE OUT THE DOOR AND TRAINING AGAIN!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We sold our car!!!!

You guys.. I can't tell you how excited I am about this!! (We sold the green car, not our new one.. just by the way)

This was Cody's car, which used to be his ex-girlfriend's.. And she's from Puyallup, WA too.. Small world, huh?! Anyways, I asked if he wanted pictures of him selling his car, and he said "No. I don't get attached to cars." So I took pictures anyways. With my high-quality cellular telephone. Because I can't post an entire post about how much I loved my car and not give Cody's car even a picture in a post!!

We had it on KSL for about 3 1/2 months with only a few calls on it, and had 2 people > < that close to buying, but not going through with it. WHAT A ROLLER-COASTER!

We ended up selling it to one of Austin's friends (Austin is Cody's youngest brother) and it was just so absolutely perfect!!

So here he is. His name is Squirtless because he couldn't go faster than 30mph on a slight incline to save his life. He has absolutely ghetto trim that Cody loved, and his heater doesn't work. Awesome AC though! He was good to us, and it was fun having him in our family.. Rest in peace.. in Daniel's hands (guy that bought the car)..

Making sure everything looks good under the hood!

Goodbye Squirtless!!

Told you they were high quality pictures!! I wish I could give a ton of pictures of our memories with him, but I only have a 3.

Squirtless brought Dexter home!! 

Squirtless allowed me to be super pale with dark hair and didn't even make fun of me!

Squirtless was also so very kind and drove us up many-a-canyon to go hiking.
And he had a tiny shining moment in this blog post

So, goodbye Squirtless! Cody loved you!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Meal planning might be the death of me.

I don't know about you, but I have the hardest time thinking of what to have for dinner! And the even worse part is that I'm really picky with food, so Cody's always hesitant to suggest something as I will most likely say no to his ideas.. Which leaves me to thinking of EVERY SINGLE MEAL!! I'm not going to lie.. It's super stressful and we end up eating cereal or shapes mac&cheese a lot more than I'd like to admit.

Lately, the thought of chicken makes me want to throw up, unless it's cut up in small bite-sized pieces before it's cooked (is that weird?). So I really need some new recipes with hamburger meat (preferably) but I'd even be willing to cook with other types of meat.. The only other type of meat that I've cooked with was when I tried to re-create Cafe Rió's pork and used a pork shoulder. Even then though, I just threw it in the crock pot. And it did NOT taste like Cafe Rió.

Noodles are the other things that have been sounding good.. which is weird because I've never been one to choose noodles over ANYTHING else. So we've been having some new concoctions I've made with noodles (like spaghetti sauce and cream cheese, with cut up chicken chunks over noodles. YUM!)

Anyways, if you have some good recipes that aren't spicy and don't contain any peppers, PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY!! I'll be forever grateful.. and so will Cody!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The other front room.. finally cleaned and put together!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to have both of our front rooms spotless and all decorated for the time being!! We're having my huge family dinner at our house tomorrow, so we spent a good portion of today cleaning our brains out. But it was worth it!! Here's our other front room:

Dex was hugging Cody.. So cute!

I just love the heck out of him (:
We went up to Brigham City today to see my good friend Megan.. who recently eloped! It was so good to see her, since the last time was at mine and Cody's wedding!
I should have gotten a picture of me and her today.. but I didn't! What was I thinking?! 
I just love her! I wish she didn't live 2 hours away!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happiest of birthdays to my quarter-of-a-century-old husband (:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!!!! I'm so glad you were born 25 years ago (: You bring so much joy in my life and sacrifice so much for me. I'm grateful everyday for all that you do for our tiny little family.
Isn't he adorable?!?! Our future little babes are going to be super cute!
Good call on the haircut, Trina (:
Don't know why the date says 1987.. it was 1994.

We decided to have a little birthday celebration last night, and we went to Gloria's Little Italy in Provo last night. HOLY GOOD FOOD!! It's quite expensive though, so keep that in mind. But totally worth it! I got the 5 cheese bowtie pasta and Cody had the Chicken Parmesan and MMMMMM!!! Cody was kind of struggling.. He spilt his Dr. Pepper all over the table and his pants within 3 minutes of getting it, then when his side salad came, he flung a cucumber on the floor. (To his defense, the cucumber was HUGE and shouldn't have been so hard to eat that he had to cut it.. which was why it ended up on the floor) Good thing we were there at 6:45 and not very many people were there yet!!
Cucumber. On the floor.

Then afterwards, we headed over to Comedy Sportz where Laughing Matters was performing. The only reason I knew there was a show is because I follow Bonnie over at The Life Of Bon, and she mentioned there was a show that her husband would be in! We got there a little early, so we decided to walk around the streets of Provo for a little bit, and we got to see the progress that's being made on the new Provo Temple!!

We headed back over to watch the show.. Turns out I knew 3 of the 4 guys in that comedy group.. they used to be in my ward! Also, I met Bonnie! (and baby Bonnie!) She's such a sweet girl, and I'm so glad I went up and talked to her!!

(side note, Comedy Sportz' bathrooms are SUPER GHETTO!! This is what Cody found in the men's restroom. A bottle of Vodka!)
A bottle of Vodka on the floor!

Cody and I had a good time together just getting away for a little bit. Tonight we're having a family party with his family, tomorrow we're having a family dinner/party with my family, and then next weekend Cody and I are heading down to St. George for his birthday present! We're staying with our good family friend, Elaine. She is so sweet to let us stay with her for free!! We stayed with her about a year and a half ago, the week before Cody proposed and I could have sworn he was going to propose to me right here:
In the gorgeous red rocks of St. George, with my Mom there to photograph it all. But alas, he didn't. Because he wrote me an adorable song and secretly led me up to the roof of Pizza Pie Cafe with rose pedals instead (:

Anyways, I'm so happy with you Cody!! You make me laugh on a daily basis, you love me even when I get really silly, and even join in on the fun!! I'm looking forward to celebrating your birthday with you for a million more years!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Training run #3 complete!!

I'm proud to announce that I have now successfully run 3 training exercise runs!! My second one was last Friday, and I decided to run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of this week, so I'll keep checking in!

No pictures of today's run, but it's getting so much warmer out!! There were kids playing on the play ground, one girl laying on a blanket in the middle of the field, and a couple other runners!! It felt good to be one of them (:

But I'm having some troubles now.. The inside of my calves are hurting like no other!! I had to cut my run 5 minutes short today because they were causing so much pain! And I stretch after I run really well, doing the curb calf stretch, but it doesn't get the insides of my calves.. Any suggestions? I'd really rather my legs weren't about to fall off!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm itching to sew!!!

I've only done a few sewing projects, and nothing too insane. I got a sewing machine for Christmas two years ago, and have used it only a handful of times: Shortening this, smaller-izing this, sewing these, and making this cute bow! Probably two other times too, but I don't have a post about it.

Anyways, when I get a few hours and some fabric, these are some of the things that I'm DYING to make!




For Kaylee's baby boy (:



For Kay's baby too.. Except I'd sew mine.

Apparently I need to learn how to make quilts, seeing almost half of these are quilts. Like Mother, like daughter, right? (Love you, Ma!) And if you don't know my Mother, she's one of the craftiest people in the world, and has about 20 handmade quilts (or more!) and entire downstairs basement dedicated to crafting. She's awesome.

So yeah, let's all hope I can get some time to make these, because let's be honest, EVERYTHING'S SO DANG CUTE!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I have officially started training!!

The 5k is still a few months away, but I'm more out of shape than.. (insert someone really out of shape here).
So I needed to start as soon as possible. I've kind of been in a bind because I have so much homework this semester that I've struggled with working out, but I just decided that I needed to make time or I'd never do it. So I went to Carterville park (one of my favorite parks.. I met the love of my life there :) with Dexter, and we jogged/walked away! I'm using this as a guide, and it worked really well for today! I'm feeling it, but it also felt so good to be out there and actually taking one more step toward my goal!!

My cute little buddy!

The sun was trying to poke through!!

If you know me at all, you'll know that I don't finish anything.
-Like the Pile On The Miles.. although I did do a lot more walking than I was before!
-Like when I set a morning routine to get up with Cody, eat, practice the piano, workout, and do homework before I went to school.. But didn't say anything about it to anyone unless I could get past 2 weeks of doing it.. Which I didn't.
-When I tried to work out without a gym
-The 50 pushups goal.. which I'd still really like to do!

So basically, I'm a failure when it comes to working out. But by golly, I can finish crafts!
(this is mainly for me to feel a little bit better about myself, because the list above is pretty gruesome.)

Painted this for our kitchen

Made this for our bedroom

Took a boring door from white to teal

Shortened this vest, and another one.

Gave my jewelry a home

Sewed those curtains and made that wreath

And painted this beauty (:

Anyways, moral of the story, I have to keep up with this. I paid 50 dollars for Cody and I to run that race, and dangit, WE'RE GONNA RUN THAT RACE!