Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Training run #3 complete!!

I'm proud to announce that I have now successfully run 3 training exercise runs!! My second one was last Friday, and I decided to run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of this week, so I'll keep checking in!

No pictures of today's run, but it's getting so much warmer out!! There were kids playing on the play ground, one girl laying on a blanket in the middle of the field, and a couple other runners!! It felt good to be one of them (:

But I'm having some troubles now.. The inside of my calves are hurting like no other!! I had to cut my run 5 minutes short today because they were causing so much pain! And I stretch after I run really well, doing the curb calf stretch, but it doesn't get the insides of my calves.. Any suggestions? I'd really rather my legs weren't about to fall off!!

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  1. Stretch 10 minutes before and walk for ten minutes before you run. Then have a cool down and stretch. Works like a charm