Friday, March 30, 2012


We put him up for sale on KSL today, and have already had 5 calls with questions about him. As I am preparing myself for the moment of parting with him, I am reminded of so many wonderful things that happened with him in tow.

Singing our lungs out to Queen and Frank Sinatra

Having my high school friends acknowledging Humperdink's first name: The Grouch

Showing off how tan I used to be.. next to Humperdink

The start of my adventure to Utah

We read many books together


The discovery of my very favorite sunglasses, which of course I broke

Halloween adventures with Marnie

He even came along when Mego and I bought our scooters!

He took us on many drive up the canyon

We splurged on better voice boxes for him (:

He got hit by a mean lady in the Branbury parking lot :(

Then I had to be apart from him for 4 days with this guy that didn't even have a name!

He took us on many many trips to Bridal Veil Falls

We ate candy together

He let Cody put a cute note and beautiful flowers on him!

Crazy awesome dance parties on bubble wrap for my birthday!

And he came to mine and Cody's first home(:

I sure am going to miss this guy.. many more memories that haven't been shared will always be remembered.. I love you Humperdink. You were the best first car I could have EVER asked for!!! Please don't forget me, and have fun with your next owner and the adventures that they will take you on! And guess what?! I'll even let you revert back to your "grumpy" state and start breaking down since I don't have to pay for them anymore!!

Bye buddy!! (:


  1. So does it just have a lot of problems? Do y'all plan on buying a new one or managing with 1 car?

    1. It was going to be needing a few repairs in the near future that were going to be expensive, and we just needed the money more than we needed two cars. So we both bought bus passes and we're just taking turns with the car and it's working out really well!