Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jewelry + Door curtains!

On Friday I decided to clean up my end table by my bed because it was quite a disaster. I had a small earring holder, but it didn't fit all of my earrings and it was pretty ugly. But when I went to bunco a while ago, Holly brought this cute holder, and I picked it! So I hung it up and as I was putting my earrings on it, I realized the the smaller ones with backs would be impossible to get off without taking the whole holder down, so I decided to make small boxes to hold them. So I got a cereal box, and whipped up some boxes (that aren't symmetrical or straight at all.. but who cares!?), painted the outsides black and the insides a different color and hung them up! And I was pretty proud of myself!

I finally hung up my necklaces too! They all used to be in a shoe box, and were ALWAYS tangled!
 I moved my table sideways instead of sticking out and I love it! Such a small change, but it makes a huge difference!

I put my bracelets up too, but it's very inconvenient to get to them.. so if you think of something better, let me know!
I've also been wanting to re-do the curtains that are on our front door, because they're quite "grandma-ish" and we're not grandparents!! I've been looking for black and white vertical striped fabric for a while but couldn't find any! Until one day at Joanne's, they had the perfect fabric in the Halloween section!

And I saw a fall wreath on pinterest that was in a square instead of a circle and fell in love! So I went to Michael's and they had two long strip things with tons of leaves on them for half off! So I got them both for $6 and for the back I just cut the top of a Pizza Hut box!

It's way cute, huh?!


  1. Super cute! I LOVE your door and curtain combination! Absolutely love it! Good job girl!

  2. coolest idea ever! love the blue door too I don't know If i knew you had a blue door! love it!

  3. YAY!!! The door looks SOOO good! The wreath sounded weird when you were telling me about it, but it turned out really good! Also...I need a good way to organize all my bracelets too, so if you think of a better idea let me know. But at least it looks neat the way you have them!

  4. LOVE....LOVE your jewelry idea!!! Jaycee is going to do that too!! Way good idea!! The wreath is awesome on your door too!! And being the Grama that I am...I REALLY LIKE your striped curtains!!! ha ha