Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I have officially started training!!

The 5k is still a few months away, but I'm more out of shape than.. (insert someone really out of shape here).
So I needed to start as soon as possible. I've kind of been in a bind because I have so much homework this semester that I've struggled with working out, but I just decided that I needed to make time or I'd never do it. So I went to Carterville park (one of my favorite parks.. I met the love of my life there :) with Dexter, and we jogged/walked away! I'm using this as a guide, and it worked really well for today! I'm feeling it, but it also felt so good to be out there and actually taking one more step toward my goal!!

My cute little buddy!

The sun was trying to poke through!!

If you know me at all, you'll know that I don't finish anything.
-Like the Pile On The Miles.. although I did do a lot more walking than I was before!
-Like when I set a morning routine to get up with Cody, eat, practice the piano, workout, and do homework before I went to school.. But didn't say anything about it to anyone unless I could get past 2 weeks of doing it.. Which I didn't.
-When I tried to work out without a gym
-The 50 pushups goal.. which I'd still really like to do!

So basically, I'm a failure when it comes to working out. But by golly, I can finish crafts!
(this is mainly for me to feel a little bit better about myself, because the list above is pretty gruesome.)

Painted this for our kitchen

Made this for our bedroom

Took a boring door from white to teal

Shortened this vest, and another one.

Gave my jewelry a home

Sewed those curtains and made that wreath

And painted this beauty (:

Anyways, moral of the story, I have to keep up with this. I paid 50 dollars for Cody and I to run that race, and dangit, WE'RE GONNA RUN THAT RACE!

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  1. How is Cody doing with his training?? You may just leave him in the dust! :) haha