Saturday, March 2, 2013

We rearranged our front rooms.. again.

I feel like we rearrange or add something to our front rooms every Saturday when I have Cody here to help me.. But I think it might stay like this for a while! This is only one of the rooms because I haven't finished cleaning the other one. So, that will come later. I never put a picture up of our front room when we had it split in half.. so here's the


This was the view from the craft room. We put the black coffee table in between the couches after I took this picture.
This was the second half of the "split" room
And the gallery wall and it's surroundings before
I liked it for about .2 seconds, but it was a pain to walk around the couch since it was right in the middle of the room. And, the plant in the bottom picture was dying because it was too far away from the windows.

And here it is

This is the view from the craft room - The canvas that's blank will be painted.. soon. But doesn't my tree look so good hanging up? And no, I didn't paint the picture on the left.. I wish!

View from the kitchen

The new gallery wall area

This was the best I could get of the whole room
It is a little strange having the couches so far away from each other, but it opened up the room so much more. Plus I love the rest of the room, so I don't even care about that minor detail!

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  1. I like the black curtains! They make a great statement--much better than boring old white. :)