Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last post until I'm a "Mrs."!

Isn't that cool?!? This is most likely going to be the last post that I write for the next couple of weeks, which means that the next one I write, I will be -Mrs. Shaylin Brunson!!!
I'm just a little bit excited.. can you tell? Everything's either done or in the last stage of completion, family is arriving tomorrow night, we're decorating the church on Friday, and then the big day will FINALLY be here!!! Oh yeah, and Cody and I are both full time in school (Plus, Cody's enrolled in another school for his job.. he's busy!) and for some reason, marriage doesn't stop our due dates. So we're trying to work on our homework for this week and next, and we have 2 days to do it. Tonight and tomorrow. Am I stressing out? Heck yeah. Especially since one of our classes is English 2010, and we both SUCK in English classes!! Please pray for us.. We really need it!!

Anyways, peace out (: I'm gonna go get myself married!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rubber band guns!

If you live in Provo, or ever go there, there is this amazingly wonderful place called Blickenstaff's! It's like a real life Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium!! Anyways, of course Cody and I just have a hay-day when we go in there, and we have to hold on tight to our moneys so that they don't get spent on every single thing in there! But, (this might be weird that I'm just now posting about this, but I was looking through iPhoto and found the pictures!!) we did splurge back in November and we got ourselves two rubber-band guns, rubber-bands (of course), and a couple packs of army men!

We set the poor suckers up on the staircase, and we did quite a good job, if I do say so myself! (I think my favorite one was the guy on top of the wood railing!) Some of them were very easy targets, while we also gave ourselves some challenging ones as well!

Then... we let loose! And holy crap, it's way harder than we thought it was going to be! And because all of the rubberbands weren't exact circles, they'd go left, or right, or pretty much anywhere except where you aimed!
They actually were so difficult, that my cousin Randy came in and started offering his version of help, which were playing cards that he'd fling over in the general direction of the staircase.. I'm not too sure how helpful it really was, but it was definitely funny! Also, we scared the crap out of my aunt's two dogs!! Should have seen how fast they ran out of the room once they realized that rubberbands were flying all over the room!

Now, just some words of advice.. If you plan on getting a rubberband gun that allows you to load up to 5 or 6 rubberbands at a time, REMEMBER that some, or many of them will go out of turn, or possibly even backwards. Cody got himself in the face at least 2 or 3 times!! I think I got my leg a good 5 or 6 times, and almost hit the dogs once or twice on accident! So beware! Dress in war clothing!

Also, watch out for Cody and I.. We got pretty dang good, and we're quite the threat now!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


One of Cody's really good friends growing up has been married for a couple of years, and when they found out that we're almost married, they got so excited to hang out with another fun couple! So we went over there the other day, had dinner and played Settlers of Catan with them (which, side note, I used to think that game was so boring, but now I LOVE IT!!) and just had a grand ol' time! Well, two days ago, they called us up and asked us if we wanted their king size bed for free, because their grandma is giving them a newer one.. UM, YES!!!!!! So, we moved it into our house today, and I got so excited that we went out and found a whole bed set for $50 at Walmart and our bed is now the first and only thing set up in our house.. Yes, we have our priorities straight (; I'll take pictures of the house once we move all in and get things settled and unpacked and (hopefully) cute!!

P.S. - We took our Bridals/Groomals today! Turned out way cute!!
P.S.S - We bought a super cheap ring from Walmart today to replace mine while it's getting soldered together, and it's actually really cute! I'm excited to wear it on my right hand when I get my ring back!! Way to go, Walmart for having such cute things!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a few updates!

First of all, WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN 17 DAYS!!!!!!! I'm way freaking excited, to say the least. And guess what else that means???!? In 18 days, we'll be on our cruise ship, headed to Mexico for a week!!!!! It's finally coming!!!

A few more progressions that have happened in the past week or so:

-We got our marriage license!!!
-Cody's wedding ring came in!!!!! It looks so manly and handsome on him! He's wearing it around to see if he's allergic to it, cause I guess he has a pretty bad metal allergy! (Also, it looks so dang good on him, I just don't really ever want him to take it off! ;)
-I made Cody's bowtie.. MADE IT! Meaning, we went and picked out fabric, found the pattern, came home and with the verbal guidance from Cody and his Mom (yes, Cody knows how to sew better than I do), I sewed the bowtie ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!! And it looks freaking good! Come to the wedding to see it!! (:
-Cody got contacts!!! (Actually, this was like a month ago, but I never mentioned it!) Hello beautiful eyeballs!
-We have almost all the decorations bought, now just need to finish making/ putting them together!
-Cody's entire outfit is now complete, since we bought him sexy gray pants yesterday!
-I HAVE MY WEDDING JEWELRY!! It's so colorful and lovely(:
-I pick up my hopefully completed, beautiful dress tomorrow!! (PLEASE pray for me that it turned out beautiful!!)
-We're taking bridal pictures on Saturday! Hopefully the weather stays like this!!!
-I quit my job!! Goodbye Pizza Pie Cafe! 2 years and 3 months is wayyy too long to work at a pizza buffet!
-I think I have my wedding hairstyle figured out? I just need a hair flower now!
-We have the centerpieces figured out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUUUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!
-Also, Cody and I went on a date the other day to Kneaders.. holy delicious!!!! AND WE TOOK PICTURES! Two of them! From my phone! Haha, we'll get better at that.. I promise!