Friday, March 30, 2012


We put him up for sale on KSL today, and have already had 5 calls with questions about him. As I am preparing myself for the moment of parting with him, I am reminded of so many wonderful things that happened with him in tow.

Singing our lungs out to Queen and Frank Sinatra

Having my high school friends acknowledging Humperdink's first name: The Grouch

Showing off how tan I used to be.. next to Humperdink

The start of my adventure to Utah

We read many books together


The discovery of my very favorite sunglasses, which of course I broke

Halloween adventures with Marnie

He even came along when Mego and I bought our scooters!

He took us on many drive up the canyon

We splurged on better voice boxes for him (:

He got hit by a mean lady in the Branbury parking lot :(

Then I had to be apart from him for 4 days with this guy that didn't even have a name!

He took us on many many trips to Bridal Veil Falls

We ate candy together

He let Cody put a cute note and beautiful flowers on him!

Crazy awesome dance parties on bubble wrap for my birthday!

And he came to mine and Cody's first home(:

I sure am going to miss this guy.. many more memories that haven't been shared will always be remembered.. I love you Humperdink. You were the best first car I could have EVER asked for!!! Please don't forget me, and have fun with your next owner and the adventures that they will take you on! And guess what?! I'll even let you revert back to your "grumpy" state and start breaking down since I don't have to pay for them anymore!!

Bye buddy!! (:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am a Brown Head

I'll get better pictures of my hair later, but this is all I have for now!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project Life

 I'm doing it! I'm scrapbooking! In a very easy, non-creative way (: See! Here's what I have so far!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


AKA - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

This is a toy store down in Provo, and it is absolutely magical. We like to go there.. whenever we can. The problem is, we want to buy EVERYTHING THERE because Cody and I have yet to grow up (: I think I'm going to start our kid's toy box.. right now.. and they can enjoy them whenever they come along! Anyways, they have everything at this store! Candy, old school toys, new school toys, games of all shapes and sizes, round dice, and they even have those dumb Jack-in-the-box's that scare the crap out of me every time! When we own a house someday, we're going to try our darnedest to have it look like this!! Check out their website here!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Before pictures of our home

This was when we had all of our stuff in the house but nothing put away! MESSY!!

Family Room 
Family Room

Family Room

Front Room

Front Room

Front Room

Front Room 








Finally, right?! I'm so freaking glad it's finally all set up!! And I'm super excited to have game nights and fun hang out's here cause we have a ton of room!! 

CAUTION: There are a ton of pictures!
Also, we still have to put a lot of stuff on the walls, because decorating a HOUSE is A LOT different than decorating one room of an apartment!
One more also: Please admire our lovely green carpet (: We love it!

Front room 

Front room / doorway to kitchen

Front room / Peek of Family Room
Also, that floral couch is not going to stay there..
We're just waiting until Cody and his brothers have time
to take it back to his parent's storage unit!

Front door/room/ peek of Family Room

Family Room

Family Room

Family Room (still need to hang those pictures up!)

Family Room / Craft area!

Doorway from Front Room to Kitchen


Kitchen (Smaller door goes to the bathroom and the other to the bedroom)



Back door area and laundry stuff

Our fridge is too big to fit in our kitchen
so it's in the back room!

Washer/Dryer and peak into the kitchen

Midget bathroom

Midget bathroom

Midget bathroom


Shoe Shelf / Closets

TONS of closet space!

TV area

Our cute bed (:

My side of the bed

Right next to the front door

Our house! And Cody & his brother cutting wood to board up our house..
We have raccoons in the attic..

More house

Parking area.. there's a gate to get under the "garage" but it's
a hassle, so we just park in front of the gate

Yard to the right side of the cars

Over hang

HUGE front yard!

Pathway to the backyardish area

Behind the house

Our front walk way (: Cute flowers all year round! (Thanks Grandma!)