Friday, February 22, 2013

A few DIYs

I realized the other day that I have a small pile of "DIY" things that I've accomplished and have yet to post anywhere. That's the real reason we ever make anything, right? To show it off?! Haha, kidding... sorta..

Anyways, these are really random, but here we go!

Since cutting my hair short, I found this blog with TONS of tutorials for short hair.. although most of hers are for curled hair (and I rarely have the time/patience to do it) but they work on straight hair too. I felt pretty cool for accomplishing this hairstyle!
Don't judge the crappy picture. It's hard to take a picture of the back of your head with a DSLR camera.
It's obviously not as good as the other girl does hers, but for the first time, I'd say it was a success!
Bows are super super "in" right now, and although I hate to be "in" and matching everyone, I just couldn't help it with these bows in your hair! I grabbed some extra black fabric that I had, and whipped it out in about 5 minutes!

I'm posting this picture as a joke, but it was definitely not a joke when I did it.
I was finding zumba videos online and doing it by myself in my house. Well, I had left my waterbottle at the preschool earlier that week and I needed to drink water during my workout, and this was the only solution I could think of at the time.. Taking the filter/top part of our water filter off and putting a straw in the pitcher. I don't know why I didn't just use a cup.. I had plenty of those.

I bought these cute letters and clips at Pebbles In My Pocket in January only because they were like ten cents each.. and super adorable! Loved having it up in our front door window all this month!

I've had these letters since our wedding, and they've been many places in our house. And I've been wanting to paint them, I just never knew what color. Until I started deciding on a color theme for our front room, and TADA!! Here we have our letters that match our front door!

I used the same paint from our door so it would match perfectly!
The placement in our front room
 I absolutely love how it looks!!

And lastly, the painting that I've put on Facebook. Super easy, you guys! I bet anyone could do it. Just make sure your branches are super squiggly, (which is a LOT easier than trying to keep it straight anyways!)
Like I mentioned on FB, I am going to add a teal bird to tie in with our front room, and it'll be done! I have another canvas this same size, 16x20, that I'm planning on hanging up right next to it, but I can't think of what to paint on it that will go with it/our color scheme. Any suggestions?

Happy DIYing!! Go pick a few things from your pins and ACTUALLY DO THEM this weekend (:

Monday, February 18, 2013

My boys

  These next two were seconds apart..

This was yesterday after church.. so sleepy!
Dex is such a cuddle bug (:
Also, not related to my adorable boys, (but I don't want to write another post just for this) we finally got real curtains for our front room so we can have some privacy from the world!!
My house was messy.. I didn't want you to be distracted from the reason of this picture.. the curtains!! Aren't they just beautiful?!?

Valentine's Day!!

Thursday wasn't a good day to have Valentine's day for us, so we opted for Friday! Cody magically got home AT 5!!! I was so blown away! It was awesome! He went to go get my present, while I was finishing this! 
That cute little bear was part of my gift last year! Happy birthday, cute bear!
When he came home, he told me to go out to the car to see my present...

Okay, this might not make sense to you, why he would give me plants. But you guys, I am obsessed with plants!! Ever since our 6 month anniversary/my birthday when we went to Walmart and saw their gorgeous plants, I have wanted to fill my entire house with plants!! A couple of weeks ago, I asked Cody if we could buy the one on the left, and he said no! I was so sad.. I wanted it so badly! I mean, look at it!! It's absolutely gorgeous! So when I walked out to see it in the car, I was just about the happiest girl in the world (: And the other ones are freaking cool!! I just love them all! (And don't worry, we went and got a different pot for the big plant.. It's blue now! Although I might paint it..)

For Cody's other gift, I got the idea from this blog post and thought it was just an absolutely genius idea! Whenever Cody and I want to go out to eat, it takes about 30 minutes for us to decide where to go. So I wrote down a list of about 60 restaurants so we can just pull this little book out to decide for us!!

He loved it (:

My cute plants (:
We're just so cute!!  (;

We went to Red Robin for dinner, and this is the first time in YEARS that I didn't get Clucks and Fries!! This was just as delicious (:

We still had a lot planned after dinner, but we were both so full from the yummy food we got, that we decided to watch Harry Potter. It was about 8:15 at this point. And about 3 minutes in, we were both struggling to stay awake. So we decided to take a little nap and just wake up either before the movie was over, or right when it was over. Except, that didn't happen. We ended up waking up at 3am!! I felt so bad for falling asleep for so long and not finishing our Valentine's plans!! We contemplated getting up and playing games, or a few other things, but we fell right back asleep until 8:30am!! Whoops!! It was really nice to sleep for that long since we've both been getting very minimal sleep, and being very stressed with work and school. It was the perfect day with my perfect man (:

I'm feeling very blessed lately.

(This was written/meant to be posted last Tuesday, Feb. 12th)
I have such an amazing life, and I definitely take it for granted.

Last night Cody and I had our first FHE in a while. We bought these mugs from the dollar store a while ago and were going to draw on them with permanent markers and make them really cute, but then I got nervous and didn't know what I wanted to put on it, so we ended up reading an article from the most recent Ensign (or at least the most recent one we received) called "Stand By My Servant Josheph Smith" and it was so good! Not gonna lie, it's been a while since I've read an Ensign or been regular on scripture study, so feeling the spirit so strong just felt so good. It was a great article, so read it if you haven't already.

Right before we went to bed, we decided to get out our old journals and read to each other. He started from the day he went into the MTC and I started back in 1999. Quite the difference in reading. But it was really neat to hear about his life before I met him. And especially right when he went into the MTC. We haven't really talked about that first part of his mission before, just some experiences he's had during his mission. And he was able to actually remember the feelings he had when he was there! The happy moments, the sad moments, moments where he missed his mom so much, and it's just so cool to be able to "experience" this with him all over again.

On the flip side, my journal consisted of the furby I got, named Candy, trips to my Mom's house, and a very extensive entry about one of my birthdays. Oh, to be 9 again.

This past year has been so wonderful being married to the sweetest, most amazing man on the earth. We have fallen more in love than I ever thought possible, and have grown so much. We've learned a TON about each other, and we've learned to deal with our differences and adapt them in a way that fits us both, and I really am so excited to spend eternity with him.

I have a million scarves.

I've been trying to make a point of wearing my scarves more often, because I have 15+. And what's the point of having scarves if you're never going to wear them? I decided to document my scarf wearing so I can see how to wear them, and if I'm actually giving them all a fair chance. So if you want to see the outfits (they're kind of at a weird angle, but whatever), then keep on reading this post!


As you can see, some of them have worked really well, and some need to be adjusted in the future. But I think scarves are one of my favorite accessories, so I'm loving the challenge of finding different ways to wear them!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dumb tests (my hair) and volunteering at the MTC.

So, I've CLEARLY expressed how much I love my classes this semester. But in case you missed it, I LOVE MY CLASSES! Now that we're all caught up, tests suck. Especially when two of your teachers schedule their first test on the same three-day block!! And, one of my tests has like a bajillion things to memorize, and she didn't give us the study guide until the last 5 minutes of class the DAY BEFORE the test started. She's a genius in class, but was not very smart when she made that decision. So, I'm just about going to kill my brain cells (or make them into ultra beafy ones) for the next two days studying all that I can for them, while trying to teach preschool and finish other mandatory assignments. This should be fun.

And, I'm still loving my hair. Seriously, every time I look in the mirror or in a window as I'm walking by, I get all twitterpated (:
Yesterday's hair.

I'm fairly certain my hair looked better in person today than in this picture... But I can' t be positive. And yes, it's the same hairstyle two days in a row. BUT I CAN ACTUALLY CURL MY HAIR NOW!!
And since we're now talking about hair, I put a knot in mine today! (And yesterday, since we've already established it's a two day hair style.)

Oh, you want a closer look? Thought you'd say that.

Mine was kind of crazy today.. but I left it because it was also kind of cool looking.
Okay, now onto my last subject, then I'm going to bed. Well, to sleep. I'm already in bed.

Carly asked me to go volunteer with her at the MTC today, and I've never been before but neither had she and I didn't want to make her go by herself. So, I went. And goodness, it was so cool! We were pretending to be inactive members (except I forgot we were supposed to be inactive and I told them I wasn't a member.. whoops!) and they taught us a half hour lesson. It was so fun to be able to help these cute little missionaries out! This is their first introduction to how it's really going to be out on their mission, so it's just cool to give them some nice experiences. We loved it, and will be going back on a regular (hopefully) basis!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I cut my hair.

I was getting sick of my hair. The last time I actually cut my hair instead of getting it trimmed was in 7th grade. That was in 2003, people! So yeah, it was time for a change. Decided on Saturday, texted Jaclyn and asked if she'd do it today, and here we are. I LOVE IT!!


I didn't even tell anyone I was doing it.. except Cody, of course. (: What do you think??

And for the sake of comparing..