Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Everyday life update

Here are a couple pictures from the weekend in Wyoming (:
Cody's slowly pimping out our car with accessories from Walmart.. haha

The chrome lining will go all the way around all the doors, trunk and hood

Fake vent things

This is his super excited (and kinda creepy) face because he just finished part of the car and LOVES IT!

What is there to do in Wyoming? Play with baby toys! Brady was building the tallest tower possible with those blocks!
Baby Mikey just chillin watching Bob the Builder

And some more updates of our beautiful yard that I still need to get around to weeding..
Super cool flower growing in front of our house! Never seen anything like it before!

This one's dying, but it's an absolutely gorgeous color! And sadly, there was only one of them


They are HUGE!!


  1. Hahaha Love the ghettolicious car! lol i'm so glad y'all hda fun in wyoming! do y'all only have 1 car now? also sorry about the sunburn in the lower post. i got a BAD sunburn and had blisters on my face and well, yeah caked on make up too! hahah congrats on the new job! yayyy!!!!

  2. Haha the car lol you guys are such a cute couple.