Friday, October 28, 2011

Invites? Check! (Almost)

Guess who finished designing their wedding invitations?!?!? I don't really think you need to guess, because who else would I be talking about on MINE AND CODY'S blog, other than Cody and I? Haha, well nevertheless, the task is complete! I'm ordering them from because I knew exactly what I wanted, which was just two simple pictures-one on the front, and one on the back- with our names and date on the front, and all the detail on the back. And I was able to put it all together on that site and they're only going to cost me about $0.70 a piece!

The only thing I'm waiting on is the address to the church that we're having the reception in, because we haven't picked a church yet. And I have to decide if we want to register at Bed, Bath and Beyond in addition to Target, or just Target.

We're getting there!!!

To everyone that thought I couldn't cook:

YOU'RE WRONG, SUCKA!!!! Seeing as I have a fiance now, who doesn't eat unless I feed him, I've been learning how to cook! Well, I guess learning isn't the right word.. cause all I do is read/follow the recipe that I have in front of me. But I do it WELL! I've already made pot roast (with the help and direction of Kaylee's sticky notes), tuna casserole, poppyseed chicken, chicken parmesan, chicken with dakota buckaroo marinade sauce on it with mashed taters and green beans, and most recently, chicken ceasar pasta salad(that tastes like we got it from The Olive Garden)!!!!!!

(..And it seems as though I just really like chicken!)

And it wasn't too hard at all! I just cut up some romaine lettuce, one tomato, chicken, got some parmesan cheese and ceaser dressing. Then I cooked the chicken with some butter and salt and pepper, cooked some noodles, and mixed it all together! And viola! 'Twas very yummy (: And Cody likes the food that I make, so that makes two happy people turn into two very FULL happy people! Which is always a good thing (:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One more thing off the checklist complete!

I just ordered my guest sign in book!! Because I bought my dress at David's Bridal, they gave me a coupon book for all sorts of things, and one of those things was a free 12x12 photobook with 20 pages which would normally cost $54.99, but I got it FOR FREE!! Well, I added 3 more pages, and had to pay for shipping and handling so it came to around $16, but HECK YEAH!! $16 versus over $70? I'm okay with that!! And our engagement pictures ARE AMAZING!!!!!! Cody's awesome sister Jenae took all of our pictures and I can't believe how good of a job she did!! We might just need her to do our wedding pictures too! And with a price tag of FREE, it really can't get any better than this (:

Monday, October 17, 2011


We have seriously been so blessed every single day! Cody was working at Computune as a car mechanic for quite some time, but the jobs that he had to work on were getting sparse and less expensive.. Meaning he wasn't getting paid very much money at all. And since he was getting paid on commission and no one was bringing their cars in, there were days when he averaged a solid $2 an hour.. AH!! How were we supposed to plan a wedding on that salary plus my $8 an hour, 35ish hours a week? Yeah, we were stressed. Well, Cody had 2 interviews on the 6th of October, one that was offering him $12.80/hr for the first two months and then back down to $8/hr after that, and the second offer offered a starting wage of $15/hr, and have the opportunity to get $1/hr raises. So Cody quit his job a Computune, thinking the $15/hr guy was ready for him right away, only to find out that this particular job wasn't going to be ready for another 2 months, and Cody had already told the first offer that he had a better offer!! JOBLESS!! So Cody was stressing from Monday - Wednesday thinking that he'd have to start working at a call center, or even go back to the dreaded Computune.. Then on Thursday morning, he got a call from the first offer saying they really wanted him to start working for them just for a couple of months!! So Cody now works for an excavation company clearing out contaminated soil and operating big huge tractors and trucks and he ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! And he certainly is loving the $12.80 an hour!!

I love surprises!

But unfortunately, I'm really good at guessing my surprises most of the time... Like when Cody was trying to tell me that he wasn't going to buy the ring when it was on sale, and I used logic to figure out he was lying.. well, that happens a lot. But one day, he had left his car in Lehi because I picked him up for work. So the next day when he didn't have work and I did, he came by and asked if he could borrow my car to run a few errands. And of course I'm not going to guess anything from that, but when I got home, he had flowers and an adorable note on my bed! I swear, this guy spoils me! I've never gotten so many flowers in my LIFETIME!!
He's so amazing!

Monday, October 10, 2011


BOOKED!! We're officially going on a 7 day cruise to Mexico that leaves on the 22nd!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 dates in one night!

Seriously, it was awesome! We're usually way too tired or lazy to actually get out and go do stuff, so we end up doing our registry online, or watching a movie, or taking naps.. Not last night! We decided to go see Harry Potter 7 (Part 2) since it was now in the dollar theater and I still hadn't seen it!! It was so so so good! Such a good way to end this amazing series! Then we went bowling at Miracle Bowl and our first game scores were 100(mine... SUPER GOOD!) and 125(his.. even better than mine!) Then our second game, I only got like 75? Maybe? That might be pushing it.. and he got like 153. Yeah, I'm pretty dang good at bowling. After bowling, we went to Subzero Ice Cream and got smoothies that were DELICIOUS, which then made us want Red Robin. But we didn't want to sit in the restaurant, so we called our order in while we were driving there, picked it right up without having to wait, and then came right back home. While eating, we watched The Office, and then we watched a movie and fell asleep! Such a good, fun day! And I don't really know what I was thinking when I didn't take a single picture.. My bad!! Oh well, next time I will!