Friday, February 22, 2013

A few DIYs

I realized the other day that I have a small pile of "DIY" things that I've accomplished and have yet to post anywhere. That's the real reason we ever make anything, right? To show it off?! Haha, kidding... sorta..

Anyways, these are really random, but here we go!

Since cutting my hair short, I found this blog with TONS of tutorials for short hair.. although most of hers are for curled hair (and I rarely have the time/patience to do it) but they work on straight hair too. I felt pretty cool for accomplishing this hairstyle!
Don't judge the crappy picture. It's hard to take a picture of the back of your head with a DSLR camera.
It's obviously not as good as the other girl does hers, but for the first time, I'd say it was a success!
Bows are super super "in" right now, and although I hate to be "in" and matching everyone, I just couldn't help it with these bows in your hair! I grabbed some extra black fabric that I had, and whipped it out in about 5 minutes!

I'm posting this picture as a joke, but it was definitely not a joke when I did it.
I was finding zumba videos online and doing it by myself in my house. Well, I had left my waterbottle at the preschool earlier that week and I needed to drink water during my workout, and this was the only solution I could think of at the time.. Taking the filter/top part of our water filter off and putting a straw in the pitcher. I don't know why I didn't just use a cup.. I had plenty of those.

I bought these cute letters and clips at Pebbles In My Pocket in January only because they were like ten cents each.. and super adorable! Loved having it up in our front door window all this month!

I've had these letters since our wedding, and they've been many places in our house. And I've been wanting to paint them, I just never knew what color. Until I started deciding on a color theme for our front room, and TADA!! Here we have our letters that match our front door!

I used the same paint from our door so it would match perfectly!
The placement in our front room
 I absolutely love how it looks!!

And lastly, the painting that I've put on Facebook. Super easy, you guys! I bet anyone could do it. Just make sure your branches are super squiggly, (which is a LOT easier than trying to keep it straight anyways!)
Like I mentioned on FB, I am going to add a teal bird to tie in with our front room, and it'll be done! I have another canvas this same size, 16x20, that I'm planning on hanging up right next to it, but I can't think of what to paint on it that will go with it/our color scheme. Any suggestions?

Happy DIYing!! Go pick a few things from your pins and ACTUALLY DO THEM this weekend (:

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  1. Silly, I love this post! Everything is super cute! And I love that you can do more things with your hair now that its shorter!