Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rough mornings

I'm finally getting over this dumb cold of mine and am down to the "cough my brains out" stage. (So I still don't dare go running yet, as I can't breathe regularly.) One of the worst parts is that I have the worst "tickle" (if you can even call it that.. more like "absolute annoyance") in my throat that just WILL NOT go away!! I thought I was going to die when I was driving Cody to school today because of my out of no-where cough attack..

But I am having a rough morning so far.. And yesterday. Maybe it's the bad dream's I've been having? Random! Who still has nightmares? Two nights ago it was a FREAKING long dream about me trying to find a bathroom (I drank a lot of water before bed, I guess) and ended up in a male dominated slave situation in India and they wouldn't help me find a bathroom and they were being super rude and making me and my "family" (I have no idea who they were, but in my dream we were related) stay locked up in this basement.. Weird. Then last night I had a dream that our car was being dumb. I filled it up at a gas station, and by the time I came home it was out of gas. But for some reason Cody couldn't fix it and it was a Saturday at 7pm and no mechanic shops were open and I was freaking out because I apparently had a million huge errands that I had to run the next day but couldn't do without a car. I don't know what that was about, or why it's given me this awful feeling after waking up, but I don't like it! I'm also having separation anxiety from Cody again. I hate when this happens. Maybe it's just because my body doesn't like waking up this early and it's conspiring against me by making me super emotional?

(Stalking my iPhoto seems to help a little, so I'll share these pictures for my own sake)
"I love you" 8/1/11
"Will you marry me" 9/13/11
"Yes. For Time and All Eternity. YES YES YES!" 1/21/12
One whole year!! Happy anniversary! 1/21/13
(Somehow, this was the only picture of the two of us on our anniversary.. Poor planning on my part)
I think I'm going to go back to bed, even though I have tons of homework to do and I need to shower before Preschool. But I hate doing homework when I'm in a bad mood to start out with, so sleepy time it is. See you in a couple hours, world.

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