Wednesday, July 24, 2013

...Continuation on last week's post about my failure of a job.

...Continuation on last week's post about my failure of a job.

The day that I quit my job (Thursday), I was determined to get another job, so I looked up jobs in the preschool field. I sent resumes and emails, and filled out online applications. The next day, Friday, I had a job interview for a pre-k in Lehi, and I had good hopes for that. It ended up being the exact same situation, so that didn't go anywhere. The following week, I had an interview at  a place called Jump Up Gymnastics. I was really excited about that job, and wanted it really badly. The interview went so well and they really seemed to like me. They told me I'd hear back the next week.. And they hired someone else. I felt so dejected, thinking that every situation was going to be the same as The Kids Connection, and that I picked the wrong field of work. 

About a month later, I got a call from one of the places that I'd filled out an application for, and they wanted me to come in for an interview. This was for Mountainland Head Start. Ever heard of Head Start? They're pretty legit. The position was for an assistant preschool teacher, part time, and it sounded perfect! I went in for the interview, and I had to fill out the most intense 4 page question and answer thing.. But I was basically planning lesson plans on that! Oh, and they gave me a time limit that I had to finish it in.. Talk about stressful! I answered the questions the best that I could, and I felt pretty good about it. When I was finished with that, they took me into a room with three ladies on one end of a table, and one chair on the other side of the table for me to sit at. They all seemed really nice, and they asked me about ten questions which I felt like I answered pretty well. I had a few questions of my own, but it was already sounding like a MUCH better situation than my prior job. I asked about pay, and they came back saying it was FOUR DOLLARS MORE than my prior job. Okay, love that! So, they said they would let me know the next week whether or not I got it. 

Well, next week rolls around, and I really start getting down on myself. Why isn't there a decent preschool out there that wants to hire me? What is wrong with me that I'm getting rejected for someone else? I just figured that I'd never get another preschool job and I'd have to get a job doing something I hated. 

But then the very next day, I got a call from Mountainland Head Start, where they OFFERED ME THE POSITION!! I had about ten different emotions during that phone call, but of course I accepted! They told me I'd be working in their Provo location and that I needed to come pick up some paperwork. I went in that day, and they told me that I had to pass a background check, a TB test, and a physical. Goodness gracious! So official! So I went and got the TB test, made an appointment for the physical, and was stoked out of my mind.

Everything went well, I passed, and I start on August 8th with orientation, and then the rest of August is full of training and seminars and setting up the classroom. They actually sent me a calendar of all the things that I have to attend. 

You guys, I'M SO EXCITED! I didn't want to say anything about this job, seeing as the past two jobs I've had (and wrote excited posts about here and here) didn't work out within two weeks, and I felt like an idiot for posting about it all over the internet, but I really don't think I'm going to have a problem with this job. So, just keep your fingers crossed, or pray for me, whatever your thing is, that I can just have success with this one. 

Way to go if you made it through this post. It was incredibly long, and I applaud you. And thanks for being sensitive to my situation, as these are very sensitive and personal stories.

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