Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And I thought I was finished...

I got this email a few days ago..

I thought I was done with school, getting my associates degree in the field that I want to be in, but then we realized that paying off our loans is going to kick our butt, so I'm going back. Cody and I both qualify for grants, since we're broke as a joke, so we'll be able to defer our loans for a little while longer.

I had to re-apply since I officially filed for graduation, therefore, they have no reason to keep me enrolled as a student if I'm no longer a student. Luckily I just had to fill out an application, and didn't have to pay the fee that all new students have to.

As of right now, my declared major is ASL and Deaf Studies, as I'm already in love with ASL and I'm closer to that BA degree than any other..

I'm not sure if I'll finish, as this is just a way to put off paying our loans until we have some more money saved to pay off mine altogether, and I'm not sure what our family situation will be in 2 years (like, if we'll have kids that disable me from taking classes). Also, the classes that are required are at the same times that I'm going to be working at Head Start, so it might not go as smoothly as I want it to.

As you can tell (by the lack of exclamation points) I'm not very excited about going back. I was so pumped up about being finished and not having to do any more homework ever again, but hey.. I'm going to do what's best for our family. And this is sort of a win-win situation, as we'll be able to defer our payments, and I might end up getting a bachelor's degree.. So that would be cool!

Anyways, I have to set up an appointment with my new counselor, and I need to figure out which classes I'll be taking, so I'll keep you updated on all of this progress. Wish me luck that all goes smoothly and quickly!

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  1. Well...way to go...yes, you might as well get the education you can before the little ones start to come...You can DO IT Shaylin!!!!
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!