Sunday, July 28, 2013

Horseback riding!

On Friday, Cody's boss and his neighbor invited us to go ride their horses up American Fork Canyon. I was so excited because it's been SOOO long since I've ridden a horse, but I wasn't very stoked about having to wake up at 5:30!! I'm glad we did though, because the weather in the morning was so perfect! We got up there at about 7, but didn't start riding for about a half hour to 45 minutes. My first thoughts while helping get the horses ready were, "They're so cute! We should get horses sometime!!" which is my response every time I see a new animal.

This was the horse Cody was on. His name is Peepers haha.

This is where we rode up to.. This gorgeous waterfall! Apparently in the spring time it's LOADS bigger and shooting straight out with how much volume there is!

We could see the whole valley!! Such a gorgeous view!

The sky was beautiful!! Not a cloud in sight, with the moon still shining a little bit in the lower right corner!

Austin found a snake! He kept saying, "Shaun will be so proud of me!" ( Shaun's their oldest brother, who is in love with all types of reptiles and animals and .. everything basically) They think this is a Rubber Boa?

This was my horse, Hollywood. They nicknamed him Gigantor, because he's huge! So tall!! I got on him by myself both times that I needed to though, so I'm pretty proud of myself! His mane was braided to the other side.. Pretty cute!

This is how pictures turn out when you're trying to take them while riding.. not very well.

But I did pretty good getting Cody's picture!

We were done and in our cars by 10:45!! I felt like it should have been 2, since I never get up that early! We found a $20 bill, so we went to lunch at DP Cheesesteaks.. DELICIOUS!

Oh, and unlike my initial thoughts about wanting horses eventually.. Maybe not. We had to ride back down the hill, and there was a super steep part where I thought I was going to die. And then another. So scary to trust my life into the legs of a horse! I ended up making it out alive, with just a rip in my pants from Hollywood not noticing huge tree stumps sticking out, but all is well!

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  1. That looks so fun!! Was it Sliding Rock? Anyway, I miss horseback riding. You brought back fun memories. ;)