Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dexter and The Bug

[The title sounds like it could be a cute children's book, huh?!]
I was sitting on my couch working on Project Life, when I noticed Dexter across the room, standing on his back legs, right in front of the window. "Cute!" I thought, "He's looking at the kids across the street!"

Wrong. There was a ginormous bug in between the window and the curtain that couldn't get out, and Dexter wanted to play with it! He started pawing at it and jumping up, then going back down, and then up again. It was the cutest/funniest thing! He was over there for probably about 10 minutes, just trying to figure out some way to play with the bug.

He's swatting at the bug in this picture, haha

We have the cutest puppy! I just love him!

Also, I snapped this picture of him the other day.. I've been keeping our black curtains closed most days because if I open them, it gets really hot inside. Dex used to love sitting on top of the couch so he could look out the window, and apparently he's been missing that lately!
Haha, trying to see as much as he could through the curtains. Don't worry, I opened them for him after I took this picture, and he was MUCH happier (:

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