Friday, April 12, 2013

You guys... I'm legit now!!

BECAUSE I GOT A JOB!!! I'm so excited about it, so I'll share how it all went down!
I was looking at jobs on KSL and Craig's List, and found an opening for a pre-k teacher/summer camp job. Perfect! So I applied for that on my way to school, then later that day my friend Sarah sent me an add for a camp counselor up in Salt Lake! It sounded really fun, but I wasn't stoked about driving to SLC everyday. I applied anyways, just in case, and I also headed down to Blickenstaff's (my favorite toy store ever) and gave them my resume, because wouldn't that be the coolest job ever?! That was all last Thursday, and I was just really hoping at least one of them would call me back within the next week. Well, Monday I went to the dentist to have a hellish day (side note, hellish is a word? It's not even giving me a red squiggly line under it.. What?!) and as I was paying the bill at the counter, I got a phone call. I ignored it since my tongue and whole bottom of my mouth was numb, and quite frankly I sounded like an idiot. They left a voicemail saying they were from The Kids Connection (the preschool in Orem) and they wanted to set up an interview sometime this week!! I wanted to call back so badly, but knew I needed to wait a while so they didn't think I couldn't speak. About 2 hours later, I was still numb, but not as bad, called them back and made an appointment for Tuesday at 11! So the next day I headed over for my interview, which was super relaxed, we just talked for a while, she had me answer one question ("How would you handle a situation if a child dropped the "F" bomb?")((Nailed it, by the way)) and she showed me around the building, the classrooms, and gave me a little more information about it. So they showed me all of the positions they had available and told me to give them a call when I made a decision about what I wanted! It was strange because they didn't say they were still interviewing, but they didn't offer me the job. So I was thinking about it, kinda thought I had the job but wasn't sure.

So the next day I called them back and said that I wanted the pre-k position, which is from 7am (yikes!) to 3, as the ONLY preschool teacher. (What am I doing?!?!) They then told me they were still interviewing until Monday, so I said "Okay! That's fine!" and asked them to call me back when they had a decision. Low and behold, the very next day (Thursday) I'm sitting in my only BORING class, and I get a call from none other than... The Kids Connection! So I ran out of class and answered the phone to hear her say "So I talked to Becca, and we were wondering if you would like the pre-k position?" I tried not to scream and jump up and down (because I was in the middle of the hall) and gracefully accepted the job (: I start the first Monday in June and will be subbing for some of the classes in May so the kids will get to know me! I'll be the preschool teacher in the summer, and they have a little more relaxed program during the summer, and then most likely, if I still enjoy it there, I will continue on to be the only preschool teacher year round!!

I am so flipping excited! Kinda nervous, because I'm fresh out of school with only one semester of student teaching under my belt, but the ladies at Kids Connection are awesome and I think I'm going to have a heck of a time there!! I'm so excited to be in charge and plan all sorts of fun lesson plans!!

Thanks to all those who sent little prayers my way! (Meaning my Mom and Dad, because they're the only ones I told besides Cody) Love you guys! It meant a lot to me (:

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  1. How exciting! Congrats!
    Also, what is the appropriate way to deal with a child who dropped the "F" bomb?