Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Project Life: End of December

I'm going crazy with these pages, and I'm going to be caught up before I know it. So, I'm just going to post about 3 or 4 pages a day,

**EDITED** Instead of me posting these everyday, I'm starting a thing called: PLTs (Project Life Thursdays!) Once a week, you'll get an update of 3 or four spreads, and then I'll hopefully have other things to blog about in between. Yanno, just to shake things up a bit.. **END OF EDIT**

 since I'll most likely be getting that much done.. Maybe? That way you (if you [whoever you may be] are still planning on looking at my blog) won't have to look at a million project life posts at once, but split up throughout the week? And honestly, if you're over the whole "looking at project life posts" thing, that's fine.. I'll just let you know when we're back to normal around these parts! Without further ado, my pages:

 I was waiting so long to post these pages because I didn't print enough pictures for this page. But I don't want to send three pictures to Costco, and I also don't want to use my printer ink. So, you get three sticky notes with what the pictures are going to be.

Our trip to Washington got two full spreads, with tons of pictures. And I love it!

Come back tomorrow for a few more spreads!!

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