Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My family's coming!!

I am so excited for today.. The day that my mom, little brother, and sister drive to Utah to spend five days with us!! This is the first time since Cody and I got married that they'll be out here, which also means that it's the first time they'll be seeing our house! I don't know why it's such a big deal to me to have people look at my house. Maybe it's because Cody just doesn't get into home decorating as much as I do? Whatever the reason, I love having people over! They'll be sleeping on air mattresses in our front rooms since we don't have any extra bedrooms (or at least ones that aren't to the ceiling with old furniture). I'm excited to party with them on my birthday tomorrow!! Cody will be at work during the day, but he'll join up with us when he's done for some good times!
Jaycee is the most amazing and talented little sister in the world! She is so amazingly sweet and such a good example to me! Definitely one of my best friends in the world! (Luckily, I get to keep her forever too!!) 
My mother is so silly, goofy, and strong willed. We butt heads every now and then, but I love her to death!
Oh Tanner.. He's growing into such a great young man. He is smart, spiritual, and so talented! He's so happy most of the time and is such a good friend to Jaycee!
I wish the rest of my family could come, but they wouldn't have anywhere to sleep unless they got some tents outside, haha. I sure do love my family though, and I love that the older we all get, the closer we get to each other! I wouldn't trade my family for anything!

Happy weekend! Make sure you come back tomorrow for the third round of PLTs!!

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