Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sun & Movies

I only lived in the Carriage Cove apartments for about 2 months, and then sold my contract to save for our wedding. But they do have quite a nice pool, and it's less ghetto than The Branbury pool. So yesterday I decided to take a trip over there, but you need a key to get in. So I borrowed my friend Carly's key and layed out there for about two and a half hours. PERRRFECT weather! I had my music, my sound-blocking headphones, and I was good to go! I was actually really surprised that I got a good tan line when  I went inside.. Well, that "tan" line, turned out to be the biggest SUNBURN! I hate when that happens! I can usually feel when I'm getting burnt, so I can turn over or go inside, but not this time! I didn't feel it at all! Now I'm in so much pain and can't even blink without hurting! (yes, my eyelids got burnt too!) Good thing we had a bottle of Aloe Vera waiting for me at home!
Beautiful BURN line.. funny rectangle shape in the middle because of a rectangle shape thing on my suit.

Later that night, we were going to go see The Avengers with Kaylee and a few of her friends, but they were going to the 10:30 showing, and since I already have a habit of falling asleep during movies, we decided to not go to that late of a movie. Instead, we went to the dollar theater and saw This Means War. Cody and I both actually REALLY liked it! It was funny, cute, and action-y(: A little dirty, with the sister.. girl, but still really good. Then we RedBox-ed The Vow because we still hadn't seen it. NOT the best movie.. It was incredibly sad, and I ended the night crying on Cody's shoulder because I couldn't ever imagine having anything like that happening. So we put in Ratatouille to put a good mood back in our room, and I fell asleep happy again.

Outside the theater

We got there early (10 minutes early) and the theater was completely empty!

On other news, I just got a job! I've been kinda looking on and off for the past couple of weeks, not too seriously, but just wanting something for this summer to get a few more dollars while I'm not in school. So I applied to a few different call centers, not too happy with their needs (meaning I don't want to work on the weekends and they'd make me..) So I was getting kind of bummed, and then Cody and I went to FHE with our friends Maggie & Matt on Monday and were talking to them about it and they remembered that their and Cody's friend DJ works as a higher up guy at Pinnacle Security in Orem and that we should ask him if they have any positions! So Cody called him, and they had a job fair today at 3. So DJ talked to a guy, told him I was coming, and kinda put a good word in for me. Well, I went in, got the rundown and waited in line for an interview. The guy that knew I was coming sat me down for an interview for customer service (starting pay is $10! with incentive bonuses too!) and after two questions, and a bit of off topic conversation, he offered me the job! So I go in tomorrow at 1 for orientation, then I start training on Monday! And I'm really excited because they're looking for positions from 6:30am-6pm so I'll be home when Cody gets off work and I don't have to work weekends!
Job interview outfit! And it took a ton of make up to get my face un-red. I couldn't look super dumb and burnt for the interview..

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  1. AJ and I saw the Avengers last night too! We loved it! Did yall like it?