Thursday, August 1, 2013

PLT: 3rd Edition (Also, it's my birthday today!!!!)

Even though I'm trying to cram as many spreads into this weekend as I can (July 18-20), I'm still really loving Project Life! There have been a few times when I'm just about ready to go crazy, but when it gets to that point, it's time for me to eat, switch over the laundry, or play with Dexter. So, all in all, I'm having fun and getting INCREDIBLY caught up at the same time! I'm so glad Project Life is so simple, because if I were scrapbooking, I can almost guarantee I'd give up a long time ago..

 I used our tickets that we had from the laser show in this one! I felt pretty clever! In fact, by doing this, I remembered that I had tickets from our anniversary when we went to the aquarium! So I went back and put them in a pocket as well!

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