Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Word Picture

How cool is this? It's my favorite picture of Cody and I made up with words from the story of our engagement! Here's the website if you feel like doing it too! I might get this printed and hang it up in our house somewhere(:

*UPDATE ON PRINTING*- I just printed this on a regular piece of copy paper, 8&1/2 x 11, and it was realllly pixelated. And I'm not too sure that getting it printed at somewhere fancy would really do much good either because downloading the picture from the website only gives one size option... unless there's some way to download a bigger one? I'll check into it!!


  1. WAY COOL!!! I'm soo doing that!!!

  2. That's sweet! I'll probably be doing it as well :)

  3. oh my gosh i love it!! thanks for sharing, i'm totally gonna make one!