Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So, as far as I can remember, I've never won anything. Which is pretty sad, if you ask me. Well, I'm "friends" with Blickenstaff's on Facebook, and they have little things that you can write your comment and be entered to win either free candy, or free movie tickets from the Wynnsong Theater that's right next to Blickenstaff's. Well, the other day, they had this on their facebook:
 So naturally I looked at every other entry, and figured out that it meant Play Well. Cool huh? Never knew that before.
 Well to my delighted surprise, I WON!! I put that comment on there on the 13th of June and forgot about it until today, so I went back to their page, and saw this:
It's so cool to see my name like that(: So, Cody and I get to go see any movie of our choice!! Which is just so perfectly happy, because we never go see movies because it's too expensive! Not this time!! Hello date night (: Plus, remember when I posted a whole blog post about how much Cody and I love Blickenstaff's?? Well, because I did that, they're giving me a whole pound of free candy!! So now we can enjoy our movie with some yummy candy!!

*PS-Update on the owls- Well, we didn't see or hear them at our house last night, but Kaylee had them outside of her apartment! Apparently they were creepily looking at her little dog Trixie!! So cool that the owls were visiting us sisters(: MAYBE WE'RE WITCHES AND THEY ACCIDENTALLY FORGOT TO BRING OUR HOGWARTS LETTERS?!?!?!


  1. hahahahha i love the last comment, you probably are little witches, yay! your going to hogwarts! hahaha congrats on the candy and free movie tickets, thats SOO exciting! yayy!!! make sure you see a good movie! lol do y'all ever go to the dollar theater? we wen there with my tips from PPC and we got so spoiled on that theater we never get to see many movies now. :(

  2. Ha ha ha on your witch comment!! I laughed so hard!!! Pretty cool owls though!! WAY TO GO On your movie ticket and candy win!!! Free is always FABULOUS!!!

  3. Hahahhaha I'm a witch and didn't even know it!