Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work out update

I was super excited about the Air Force work out, and after doing it for two weeks straight, I saw a very sad result.. when I run, I find myself coughing a TON and it tastes like metal? And it stays for a few days.. So when I run more than one time a week, the cough stays for at least week. And I'm okay with coughing, but the metal taste might be blood? And that's not really okay with me. So I've decided to alter my workouts because it's just the running that I can't do. I'm upping my ab workouts (a lot..). I saw this on pinterest, and since a lot of pinterest things are fake, I went to her blog and saw that she's doing this workout. And she's getting results! Not huge, super fast weight loss results, because it's real, which means a little at a time. So I'm going to attempt this as my workouts each day: Walk for 30 minutes instead of the running/walking portion of the Air Force workout, and doing this whole ab workout. I'll take pictures of before and after, but probably won't put the before picture up until I have something super awesome to compare it to.. So maybe after 90 days? (; We'll see.

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