Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Planty plants

As I've mentioned a million and two times, our yard is BEAUTIFUL with all the different types of flowers! And I've been getting kind of obsessed with them and plants in general. I decided that I'm going to plant a garden next year! I can't wait!
I have the cutest visiting teacher and she brought me this adorable little plant! It's in this little jar with rocks and water, and that's all it needs! No dirt or sun even! It likes the shade! So we keep it in our kitchen and it makes me so happy to see it! I love plants!

We have three huge flowering trees in our side/back yard and they have HUGE LEAVES!

Cutest husband award! I came home to one of every flower from our yard just laying on my side of the bed! So sweet!

I arranged them into a cup of ours, because I don't even own a vase! Such a pretty arrangement!

A few weeks later, my little plant is growing so much! I love seeing the progression it's making!
 Last Saturday was a little rough for me, and I ended up having my monthly "cry your eyeballs out" session. Cody was so sweet to just sit there and cuddle with me for the entire thing. I love him so much. Anyways, when you're feeling depressed, what will cheer you up? FLOWERS! And especially flowers that don't cost anything (: Have I mentioned how much I love our yard??

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  1. those are gorgeous flowers!!! our garden is finally starting to grow and we are getting SO excited!! :)