Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Engagement Story!

On Tuesday(yesterday), we went to our Building an Eternal Marriage institute class, made some delicious hamburger helper for dinner, and we were about to eat some Oreo's with milk when he suggests that we go climb on the roof of Pizza Pie again and play card games. So we drive over there, and for some reason I start to get all nervous about getting caught while climbing up the ladder. Plus, there were still some employees in the restaurant that were cleaning up, so if they heard us, we might get caught by them too! Well, Cody talks me into thinking that we'll be fine. So we go toward the back of the restaurant where the ladder is, and the gate that's usually locked and covering the ladder is open. Now I really think that we are going to get caught because if the gate is open, that means that someone is up there, meaning that we can't be sneaky. He again tells me that it's okay, so I start climbing up the stairs. We get up there, and I start walking to where we sat earlier in July to play the card games! Well, that place wasn't good enough for Cody.. Neither was the next place, or the next, and we just kept walking around the entire roof. He finally tells me to walk on top of this wall thing and go to the other side of it, so I do, and when I get there, I see it! There's a ton of roses (2 dozen to be exact) in a bucket, some rose pedals on the ground with a CD on top of it, and a CD player right next to that. Then on the corner of the roof, there's a video camera, and that's when I realized that we probably weren't going to be playing card games.. He picks up the CD, says something witty, then puts it in. He asked if I could hear it, which I couldn't, so I listened closer and realized it was Cody singing! He freaking wrote me a song! So of course the whole time it's playing, I'm freaking out, realizing that this is the night, and he starts getting nervous, and I'm just going crazy with happiness. The song's called How Do I Describe, and it talks about how he can't ever find the words to describe how he's feeling, so he'll just have to settle for saying I Love You. The very last line of the song says "How do I find the words to tell her how I feel? I'm gonna ask her if she'll marry me tonight." Right after the song ended, he knelt down on one knee and said "Shaylin Dewey, will you marry me?" AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes of course I will!!!!!!!!

His sister was there taking pictures the whole time, so I'll be getting those soon (:

We're engaged! He's my fiance.. and I'm his fiancee! WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!


  1. Yeah!! I'm so happy for you guys.

  2. YAY SHYN!!! I'm so excited for you. That's so awesome! :)

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you Shaylin! Love the story and I'm so glad you are getting your fairytale that you've always wanted. Love you girl!