Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Boy oh boy!

I have some catching up to do! And I'm going to put them into a few sections. Games/activities/people, Food, and Plants (:


BATTLESHIP! We bought a ton of games from DI for super cheap, battleship being one of them! And, BONUS.. it's not missing any parts! Except one of the pieces got bitten by a dog or something, so you can't put the little red pins in it. But that's fine (: It was definitely worth the $1.50 or $2 we spent on it! Also, Cody's a freak of nature at this game! He always sinks all of my ships by the time I only have like two of his.. And no, I don't put the ships in the same place every time..

Google+ has really cool editing features.. And makes me want this color of hair..

I love this man!

CREEEEPPY! (Glad I found myself a man that will sit in front of a camera forever taking silly pictures! :)

Next on the agenda: Painted Keys

I got this idea from.. wait for it.. PINTEREST! Of course (: Anyways, I thought it was such a good idea because I have a ton of silver keys, and it sucks to sit at your door at night when it's cold trying to figure out which key is the right one. So I got my nail polish and went to work!
Good idea, but holding them until they dried wasn't very fun..

Lazy saturdays are very common around these parts of town. We are known to stay in bed until 12 or 1, then watching movies or playing games in our house. Well, this particular Saturday was just that! Cody's brother Austin came over and they decided to set up the army men all over the front room and shoot them with our rubberband guns.

Well, they didn't get them all with the rubber band guns, so they brought out all the other sports balls we had in our sports box!

Hahaha, they didn't realize what this looked like..

So they decided to re-pose (:

The after-math

There was a small spider on the ceiling, so Cody tried shooting it with the dart guns that stick to things. He eventually got it too!

You know in the movies when people slip on a bunch of marbles or small balls? That's exactly what happened here. I was getting up from the couch, (as I was playing "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer on the guitar) and KABOOM! Down I went. Quite hilarious.  

We decided it was time for a new look with Cody's facial hair.. Hitler mustache anyone? (Don't worry, he shaved it RIGHT off :)

This dog was hilarious looking! Pulled into the parking lot, and he looked like a human just sitting there! It was much funnier in person!

Shaylin, stop being a creeper. This is the guy from the Kid History youtube videos. Just driving right by us on the freeway.

Driving down to Delta for the demolition derby! And... I'm blonde again! Brown just wasn't working. 
My first demolition derby!

It was freezing! I ended up putting on Cody's huge coat and was STILL cold. Learned my lesson for sure!

Main event of the night. This truck hit the bottom truck, got him all the way upside down, and almost drove all the way over him!

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  1. loooooooove it!!! so glad y'all are having so much fun doing so many random things!! i never remember to take pictures. ugh i seriously need to start. everytime i read your blog i'm like hey! i need to take more pictures! lol