Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our adventures that include food!

Sometimes we like food, and lots of times I like to take pictures of our food. So, here's a post dedicated to just that.. Ladies and gents, I present:


You've had eggs in a basket, right? Ghost style, right here!
Here's the recipe for this yummy Pizza Casserole. I cut it in half and it was still too much for the two of us.
Pizza Casserole from Pinterest! So yummy!
Our friend Matt had a birthday and invited us to go to dinner and Nickel City with them. I've never been a fan of Chili's until this time!
Cody's delicious quesadilla type things. He loved it!

Best salad ever! Don't remember what it was called though.
We love date nights (: Especially the ones that involve going out to a restaurant! We got a flier in the mail for a yummy looking hamburger at Rumbi, so we decided to try it out!
New hawaiian burger from Rumbi! Pineapples and all! Yummm!
My stomach wasn't feeling good at all, so I only at a few bites, then gave the rest to Cody.
Sometimes when I'm looking through Pinterest, I find these pictures of food that look so good. And this time, I made my own version of this. I still want to make the original recipe too!
Wheat toast with cream cheese and a tomato on top.. Wasn't as good as I was thinking but not awful!
Cody wanted the brats that have been in our fridge for a while, so we pulled out a can of pears, emptied it, soaked a paper towel in nail polish remover and lit it on fire to have a mini bon fire to roast the brats on!
Not the best smelling, but the nail polish remover didn't get into the food!


  1. hahaha that's totally random! lol josh looooves brats! i never had them till i met him. i love date nights that include going out to eat! glad y'all had fun! oh and miss nickle city! :(