Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm really excited for today!! Vacuuming/dusting/cleaning the whole house (or as much as I can do in the next hour), then I'm headed over to Kaylee's to puppy sit again! I love that little puppy!! And so happy to watch her while I can before they move to Arizona at the end of this month! (And no Kayla, she doesn't chew everything up! She's the sweetest, most tame little puppy ever!!) And since she gets so tired so easily and sleeps for HOURS at a time, I'm determined to get a lot of homework done!! Then when Cody gets home, we're having Burrito BLT wraps, and then planting our garden! We have watermelons, cantaloupes, carrots and garden beans! I might go buy some lettuce and tomato plants today too, because we use those A TON and it'd be pretty sweet to not have to buy those anymore. What a fun date night, huh?!?! I really think so!! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!
Because pictures of cute puppies never get old (: Little Trixie climbing on my leg!!

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  1. hahah thanks for the shout out! lol i'm glad she is a very well behaved puppy! i'm so happy y'all are planting a garden, i hope it grows before the season ends. we love our garden and i can't wait until we get fresh veggies from it! make sure and take pictures of your date night! :)