Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thoughts on love

I follow these three girls's blog, as well as on each of their separate blogs. Well, last week, Megan posted something about love that I really, really like. And since I always stumble on my words when I'm trying to get a point across, I will share this thought with you instead of my own.. but this definitely sums up my thoughts on the subject as well!

"There is no such thing as a soul mate because love is not a magic trick. It isn’t a vibrant scarf pulled out of a drunken clown’s sleeve. Love is not as easy as having a soul mate. Love doesn’t appear when you want it to, a bright feast of romance when you are hungry for it.
But I do think there is such thing as a soul best friend- a person who found you and is dedicated to growing with you. A being whose existence fills you with perplexing excitement.

True love is an unyielding attempt to accept another. Real love takes respecting quirks and admiring oddities, appreciating details and disregarding blatant, blaring flaws. Because your relationship will get pecked at. It will get scratched, and dented, and bruised. Sometimes the neighborhood kids will throw eggs at your relationship. Sometimes strangers will gawk at your relationship. Sometimes people will push your relationship to the ground and kick it until it bleeds. If you let it, your relationship will be massacred. 

But if you are passionate enough to nurture your relationship with compassion, it will grow. It will burst out of the bare ground if you dedicate yourself. It will bloom every way and push through concrete, it will unfold with understanding. In an epigrammatic daze of persistence, your love will burst and it will not stop until you do.

The idea of soul mates and destined-to-be eternal companions is beautiful, but I think more lovely than that is the profound concept that you weren’t molded from God’s hands for someone, that someone wasn’t molded for you, but that you decided to love each other enough to mold around each other."
I'm so blessed and lucky to be married to the sweetest guy in the world. Luckily, I didn't have to wait very long to have him be mine for eternity. Just over 6 months, actually. He has the most pure heart, would give up or do anything for my happiness, and is just so darn cute! We're going on 5 months together, but it seems like so much longer. We've already gone through some struggles and also some of the happiest times of our lives together. I can't believe I never have to let him go. Cody Brunson, you are the love I always wished of having, but never knew I could actually obtain. Let's try to always be as happy as we have been these last 5 months (: I love you, honey babes!

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  1. aww you two little love birds! so glad y'all found each other and are as happy as can be! :)