Tuesday, April 3, 2012


These rings are OFFICIALLY OURS!! No more ring payments, because we paid them off with some of the money we got from my car!! It feels so nice to not have that monthly payment hanging over our heads anymore!!

Also, Cody and I are BOTH sick right now. SUPER unfortunate. We have decided that being lazy and cuddling a ton while watching movies is our best medicine (: With of course a little help from Mr. Nyquil!!

I only have 3 weeks of school left! My humanities class ended last Monday and my last english assignment is due next Friday, but I'll probably get it turned in sometime this week, meaning that class is pretty much over. History and ASL are the last two!! I'm pretty positive that I'll pass all my classes this semester (:

BUT! I'm currently writing my final research paper for english, and it's supposed to be at least 10 pages long, but I've run out of information and I only have 7 and a half pages done!! I've gotta bust out some SERIOUS B.S. in order to get the desired length! Wish me luck!


  1. yay for no ring payments!! we bought Josh's ring off ebay for like $25 so we paid that off like, as soon as we bought it! haha it was nice once mine was paid for. sorry y'all are sick! :( i'm glad school is practically over1 are you going in the summer? when do you graduate?

  2. Oh yeah! I remember you guys did that! That was way smart of you!! And as far as school in the summer goes, it just depends on if I can get a scholarship or grants.. If not, I'll probably wait until we can file our taxes together and get a big refund back. And I only have about 5 semesters left, it just depends on when I can go back to school!