Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm going to be honest:

I did a freaking good job at my to-do list yesterday.. (It wasn't that difficult, but even a small list that's all crossed off is STILL a list crossed off :)

Summery jewelry that I got at an outside market last summer!
Wrote 40 thank you notes! Ran out of cards though, gotta go buy more
Had an amazing lazy night with hubby (: Played yahtzee and we BOTH got two yahtzees in one game! And we didn't even cheat!

 We even threw in a little FHE with some of Cody's high school friends and dyed some Easter eggs!! Who says you can't color eggs after Easter's over? Definitely not us. I'll have to take some pictures of those today (:

-Plan out dinner meals for a week (No more eating out last minute because I forgot, once again, to plan something) ((I may or may not be looking at pinterest hoping to find some good recipes))
-Go to Costco & pick up pictures!! Then make more pages in Project Life
-Clean out our fridge of old left overs.. yuck!
Plus a few other things that I have already forgotten.. Uh oh.

P.S. - Trina (Mother-in-law) sent this to my email, and I need to share.. I love my husband!!
We were playing with Play-Doh on easter and making all sorts of stuff.. this was a huge replica of his wedding ring (:

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