Friday, April 6, 2012

Sick party!

I've decided to take an actual sick day today. Do nothing but nap and watch movies until Cody gets home.. Then we're going to the temple and then continuing our lazy sick day by watching movies and cuddling. And how perfect of a day to do it, too! There's disgusting snow in the air/on the ground, I didn't sleep very well, I'm sneezing my brains out, and did I mention that it snowed? My poor little flowers that I was bragging about are so sad looking, and probably going to die within a few hours :(

Cody and I just finished all of our homework and tests and stuff for our Humanities class, and I successfully aced my English class yesterday! So, there's only my History class and then our ASL class to finish! Just a couple more weeks of class!!

And in case I haven't relayed how much I HATE the snow.. I really hope this is the last I see of it until next year. Please, oh please, oh please.

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