Friday, April 27, 2012

Cooking for two

IS SO HARD!! Especially since all of the recipes I have are from my mom who always cooked for an army. Last night I decided to make Chicken Parmesan, and I had this brilliant idea to only use two chicken breasts instead of the 4 it called for. I just put it in a smaller pan with half the spaghetti sauce and it worked out perfectly! This was one of the easier recipes to cut right in half, so that helped! And it was super delicious, and I'm really excited to do this with all of the recipes I have! Also, if you have any good recipes, I'm looking to expand my collection of them!


  1. Wait, you just now realized you can half the recipe? lol I always find recipes that feed like 6+ people but I just tweak it to feed us OR i make it and then we both have left overs for lunch the next lunches are usually left overs or sandwiches. lol I'll send you some recipes I have. text me your email address and i'll go home and think of everything I make. (I mostly make up my recipes, you should try's fun!)

  2. Way to be a SUZYHOMAKER dear!! Looks good!!