Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Eggs!

As I mentioned before, Cody and I went over to his high school friend's house with a few other friends for FHE this week! It was super fun to hang out with them again, because we hardly ever see them, and they're three married couples!! Funny how excited you get about hanging out with more married people when you're married haha. Anyways, we decorated easter eggs! Cody and I were totally unprepared and ONLY brought eggs, which was okay because the other 3 couples went out and bought decorating kits! Aubree even let me borrow some cute stickers (As you will see)!

Without further ado, the eggs:

For some reason, my camera decided to make the colors different in the pictures than they actually were, so just picture the most vibrant, bright version of these colors (:

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