Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy March!

I'm so happy that it's March!! I love that it's one day closer to spring, and now I'm only 2 month away from having my baby!! (Give or take a couple weeks, cause yanno, babies don't always like to be precise). One thing that I've been thinking a lot about is pictures. I've been getting back into Project Life, and trying to play catch up again... (remember when I said I wouldn't let myself get 6 months behind ever again? Well, I let myself.)

I'm actually loving that I took a little time off. I really feel like that time that I took off from it got me super amped up to get working again, and since I wanted to work on it a few months ago but didn't have picture printed, it got me even more excited! So now I'm stoked about it! I absolutely love anytime that I have an extra half hour to dedicate to PL. But I'm realizing that I haven't been taking the best pictures. I realize that that's not the biggest of deals, but I'm liking my pages less and less when the pictures are dark and terrible quality. But when I get those few that are super well lit and just great overall photos, I'm so excited to get them in and use cute 3x4 cards to accentuate them!

So my goal for this month of March is to be more intentional when taking pictures. I will still probably take crappy-lit photos for those moments where I won't have time to adjust the lighting or even where I'm at, but I want to really try to find the best light, the best part of the day, the best part of our house/outside.. so I can get really meaningful, beautiful pictures. And I need to remember to take out my big camera more often and not just use my phone!

So there we have it. March's goal.

PS. Speaking of goals, I don't like the goals I set at the beginning of the year. They're too broad, and I can't cross them off as soon as I finished because I chose many that would have to happen over the course of months. So, I might still do a few of them, but I'm not keeping that as my strict rules.

PPS. Happy 27 weeks of cooking, baby boy! Stay in there for a few more months, okay?

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