Friday, March 7, 2014

Because I Often Wonder If I'm Growing,

(which I hope is a normal thing for pregnant women.. if not, well.. I'm just strange I guess) I decided to put all of the belly pictures together that I've taken into one easily viewable image. And guess what?! I've grown a lot since my first "15 week" picture! (Duh, obviously.)

So if you were ever curious to see how my belly has grown over the last several weeks/months, here you go.

It's funny to think that I got upset when people said I didn't really look pregnant when I was as big as I was in the top row of pictures. It's much different when it's your body and you're used to seeing it every day of your life. So when you see a bump that wasn't there, and that it's HUGELY different than it was the week before, you expect everyone else to see it. But alas, you must wait a month or two for it to be noticeable. It wasn't until I was about 23 weeks when I had someone come up to me at church and say, "This is the first time that I've even been able to tell that you're pregnant! Congratulations!" and then last week we went to Burger Supreme and the cashier asked if I was having a boy or a girl... and she didn't even know me! I will admit, it took me WAY off guard, but it was cool to know that I'm far enough along that she didn't need to hesitate to ask if I was pregnant.

So my advice to you first time pregnant women, if you're wondering why people aren't recognizing your most exciting new body change, it's because there really hasn't been any noteworthy change, in their eyes. But don't worry, it will happen.

Also, this is crazy. It's no secret that I feel as though this pregnancy is moving slower than a dead slug, but I just looked on my pregnancy app on my phone, and it gave me this little reminder:

85 days to go! I have been trying to forget about time lately, and we're already less than 100 days! I'm pretty excited, but also freaking terrified. Giving birth?!? BREASTFEEDING!? My golly, I need to buck up.

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  1. Yes you have definitely grown. :) he'll be here before you know it...and I can't wait to meet him!