Thursday, March 6, 2014

PLT - Remember these?!

I'm so happy to say that I'm making some progress with my Project Life album! I did about 3 pages while I was in Washington over Thanksgiving break, and then NOTHING until this past week or two. So now more than ever, it feels so good to be back! Last time I played catch up, it was painful. I was doing so many spreads a day just to get caught up and I wasn't really enjoying the process. But I'm taking it much slower this time around and it's working out a lot better already!

I'll just start sharing from the beginning of my album, since I'm pretty sure I haven't put these on here yet.

Say hello to my title page! I decided to start my new album in August because my first album covered 2 years from July-July, so I put pictures from my birthday last year, and then a few cards that fit really well together. I'm still in love with this page, and I did this one 5 months ago. 

These two pages were all about my family being here for my birthday! I tend to make a full spread (or two) of one event if it was particularly special to me rather than just choosing one or two pictures. (I did two whole spreads for August 2012 when Cody and I went to Washington for a week, and then again for December 2012 when we were in WA for Christmas!) We had so much fun celebrating together, and I'm still so glad that they were willing to come out and spend so much time with us!

I'll have a few more spreads up next week, plus a handy little trick that I've found out works really well for me! Happy project lifing!

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