Thursday, March 13, 2014


I kind of decided that trying to create these pages with pictures from that week only was getting a little difficult. I sometimes had a lot of photos, and I usually try to take horizontal and vertical photos just in case I need one or the other for a specific PL spread, but that gets difficult sometimes! And sometimes a vertical picture is needed when the rest of your week is in horizontal photos. I did just learn how to put two 4x6 photos into one 4x6 to create two 3x4 photos for the small insert areas, so that helped out a ton! But sometimes you just need a big 4x6 of a picture to get the full effect! So to avoid putting all of my horizontal photos in the 3x4 spots, I came up with another solution.

So sorry for that disgusting picture. I was almost throwing up when I put that picture in my book, but maybe I'll be glad I did someday. That's what Cody told me anyways..

 I decided to place the pictures where they looked good and fit with the page protector. I'm trying to stick to a "within this month" limit, so I don't end up having pictures from a whole year all in one spread. And you know what.. I'm having so much more freedom! I really suggest doing this if you are in a rut with your project life!
 Cody suggested that I put the exact date on or near the pictures, especially now with them randomly placed, and I thought that was a great idea! Some of these pictures were taken before I added dates, but I'm definitely going back and adding the dates! Just cause, yanno, what if I want to know the exact date that I terribly burnt my hand? Or when we hit 123456 miles on our car? Cody's pretty intelligent, that's for sure!

 Also, I have a little confession. I had actually finished quite a few spreads to where I was in the end of October, when I looked through my pictures and figured out that I didn't do any pages for a huge section of pictures! But that's the greatest thing about project life.. I just went back to where the pictures would have fit in, and added another insert right there! The last 3 pictures and the one below this were the result of adding in some extra inserts, and I'm so glad I did it! If I didn't include these pictures, life would have gone on, but it would have been a sad thing to miss out on in the future!
I'm just so happy with the progress that I've been able to make, while at the same time, maintaining a regular schedule throughout my day! I'm not just stuck over at my desk the whole day, I just do it in segments each day! I just freaking love Project Life... have I mentioned that before?!

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