Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cody is strange sometimes.

You all know the unwritten rule that you break the kit-kat in two before you eat it, right? Well Cody chooses not to follow it. AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! He's been doing this almost the whole time we've known each other, but he also does it with the pull apart twizzlers and string cheese. I feel like we get along really well, we avoid fighting, and we're pretty easy going, but this honestly boils my blood. But I guess if that's the only thing that bothers me about him, we're doing pretty good. But my goodness, I can't stand it for some reason!

On a completely different note, I had to take the glucose test today to see if I have gestational diabetes. I won't get the results until tomorrow or maybe Friday, but I actually didn't hate the drink! It just tasted like an off brand of orange soda! Although after I drank it I started feeling funny. I don't think baby liked it though because he found the first uncomfortable (for me) spot to be in... under my right ribcage.  At first I thought my ribs were just randomly hurting, but then I felt his punches out kicks right in that same spot. I guess it's fine though because it's giving me better posture!
Also, I have strep throat. It was the worst this weekend, but now I'm feeling just great! I took the day off work on Tuesday because I suspected I had strep throat (by having Cody look down my throat and seeing white spots on Monday) just so I wouldn't expose anyone, and then the doctor told me not to go in today. It was nice to have some time off to spend with Cody! Especially since he starts bis new job on Monday and I'll be seeing him a lot less than I'm used to!

That's pretty much all of our updates right now, and we're doing just fine!

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