Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life Update

27 weeks and 2 days
Right now, life is pretty great! I'm still working as a preschool teacher down in Springville, and while I don't love taking that drive twice a day, it's been really good for me. I'm really getting antsy to leave though, so it's getting pretty difficult to want to go to work every morning. I'm just ready to have my baby!!!

Cody started his new job this week, and so far he's really liking it! It's his first office job, and he says that he just keeps comparing everything to "The Office" (the show) because that's the only knowledge of office life that he knows about so far. He's working at an HR company which is perfect, because he wanted to get into a more "technology" centered career field, and this is it! We're just really happy that he can be there rather than doing more manual labor (bleh!).

Baby is doing just fine! I took the glucose test last week, and thankfully, I don't have gestational diabetes! Phew! We heard his heartbeat last week which was sounding just great, according to the doctors! I'm able to see my belly move when he's awake and kicking/moving around, and Cody feels him on a pretty regular basis. Speaking of baby kicking, he does it ALL THE TIME now! It's super cool to feel and know that he's just dancing around in there! I'm still able to sleep through the night, except for waking up once in the early morning because I'm blazing hot. But then a few minutes later I'm pretty cold, so I get back under the covers and fall asleep until my alarm goes off. I do have to pee pretty dang bad when I finally wake up though, so I can see that becoming an issue in the near (hopefully distant) future.

The weather has been so beautiful lately!
As far as my body goes though, it's getting more abuse. I can't stand/walk around for very long anymore or else my hips and inner thighs start killing! I understand more why pregnant women walk funny.. it's painful! Also, I've been taking Dexter on walks around our block, and I get cramps in my belly! I'm used to getting side cramps if I ate/drank before a walk, but now it happens every time and I end up having to go super slow for the rest of the walk. Not ideal, especially for Dexter (he gets crazy hyper when we get home), but I'm still trying to do that on a regular basis regardless.

I'm still terrible at cooking, but I did make dinner on Monday (and I'm hoping to get something going pretty soon for tonight's dinner)! We had sweet meatballs, rice, and green beans. It was freaking delicious! I have to share the recipe though, because it's just that good. This is on the back of a "Chili Sauce" bottle, which is usually located near the BBQ sauces in grocery stores.
I definitely just use a pound of hamburger meat and smoosh it into little meatballs instead of using pre-made meatballs, but this recipe couldn't be easier! You can make it on the stove or in the crock pot, but I tend to not plan ahead enough to do crock pot recipes lately, and you can make it on the stove in about 20 minutes.

I follow this blog and she just posted about monthly meal planning. I've kinda done this once, but it definitely works better for me than weekly planning, because whenever I have something planned for the day, it doesn't sound good. So this way, I'll have plenty of meals to choose from, as long as I have the ingredients. I really need to find some good freezer meal recipes so I can spend less time in the kitchen standing up every night.

Anyways, that's about all! I'll have a post about my Project Life spreads that I've been working on lately up here tomorrow!

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