Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas season rocks!

I seriously love this time of year! I love the decorations, the trees, the lights, the feeling, AND ESPECIALLY the lack of snow right now!! It's December 7th, and there's not a glimpse of snow down here (:

Seeing as how it's been the last few weeks of school lately, the house has completely gone to pots. I don't even remember the last time I've had a few seconds that I could clean.. it is nasty. But luckily, Cody needed the computer to finish a HUGE paper for his classes last night, meaning I had to take a break and do something else. I FINALLY cleaned the front two rooms, and my GOODNESS! I should have taken a before and after.. Except I would have been really embarrassed and I might not have put it up anyways. But it looks so much better! (Don't ask about the kitchen.. we currently have no clean silverware, plates, bowls, and I think we have 2 clean cups? So that's fun.)

This is our first Christmas together being married! And we have hardly any decorations, but I've gotten creative, and.. gone shopping a little bit.. because I NEEDED to have my house feel Christmasy. I decided to only decorate one room of the house, in order to save myself from spending all of the money in our bank account. My first item of business was to switch the pictures/sayings that were hanging up all over my house. I found some awesome Christmas themed ones online, printed them out and up they are! Such a big difference they made right away!

I went to Michael's the first week of December, and they had TONS of Christmas stuff like 50% off! Heck yeah! I didn't get much, but I found this little tree thing (on the right.. obviously) (which I think is just adorable)

We found those little stockings on sale at.. I don't remember where. The temple was a wedding gift, and the Santa is Cody's! Trina, Cody's Mom painted one for all of her kids!!
We were given a nativity set for our wedding I think? Or maybe it was a Christmas gift. Either way, it's beautiful! I know how expensive they can be, so I'm super grateful for it!

And of course, the beautiful stockings! My mom made the outside ones.. ISN'T SHE AMAZING?! She blows me away with everything that she does. The middle one is Cody's from growing up, which Trina made also!! Not only do I have to try to live up to my Mom, but now Cody's Mom too!! They're both so crafty! I knew I married into the right family (:

One of the biggest things I decided that needed to be done was to move the couches into opposite rooms. We've had the blue couches in the first room you see when you walk in, and the red couches in the craft room, but since I decided to have the first room be the Christmas room, red couches needed to move! Anyways, I guess I don't need to give a play-by-play of how I decorated my house.. So here are just more pictures.

Zoey the pig(gy bank) needed a scarf (:

Added tinsel around the door! It's so simple, but makes a big difference!
I love Christmas, and can't wait for school to be done!! I have at least one final everyday Monday-Thursday, and then I'll be done! Cody will be done on Tuesday, and then we have about a week until we fly to Washington in 12 days!! Can't wait!!


  1. Soo cute and Christmasy!! Way more than ours, but I have stopped myslef so many times from splurging on decorations haha

  2. Love the decorations Shay! They are all so cute and you put them together so well. Btw, Cody's Santa is one that I painted. That's why all the kids have one. I made the kids stockings too and didn't put names on them on purpose. It was fun to have people guess who they belonged to by the activities and the surroundings of the snowman. I LOVE your Mom's stockings! Did she crochet them? So cute!

  3. I love the red couches and the green carpet, really brings the Christmas feeling! :) hahah I love all your decorations though, the sayings are SOOO cute! I really want a nativity set now that you have one, i feel like i need one now! DO y'all have a tree up? :)