Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For those who asked if we had a tree;

Yes we do. And we've had it the whole time that I've been decorating our house for Christmas, but up until today, there were only half of the lights on the tree because we ran out of lights. And I didn't want to show it until it was finished, with all of the ornaments and tree topper on it! So, here it is!

create an animated gif
Our star is two colors, hence this moving picture thing.
 It was one of the main reasons why we ended up
 with this star over the others we saw (:
And don't worry about the ghetto section on the middle left.. we used different color of lights thinking you wouldn't be able to tell a difference. And you can't, until you turn all the lights off. So anyways, we love it. It's a beast of a tree, super quirky and a wimp (every time we put an ornament on a branch, it'd fall about 6 inches!) but so perfect for us and our little house (:

 I don't know if you've seen those things on Pinterest where you cut out a circle the size of your lens, and then cut out a shape in the middle of it to make a certain shape? Well I tried that with my camera, and I cut out a cute little tree!


 Clearly, it didn't work. So that stunk. Oh well, it's still a super awesome tree!


  1. Hahh that tree is awesome! hahaha I think it's funny how wimpy really tree's are compared to fake ones! I was putting ornament's on Josh's parents real tree and i was use to our fake sturdy tree. hahha

  2. Even thought that tree cutout didn't work to plan, it still looks freaking awesome!!