Friday, December 14, 2012

Bad news first, good news last.

The bad news is stuff that bugs me. So it's not happy. But when I'm done ranting, there are happy things!

I already started on Facebook, but that was dumb. It's much better to rant about stupid things on a blog... (;

I will repeat the first thing that I mentioned on Facebook. WHAT THE FREAK is up with everyone trying to look like they grew up in the 70's again? IT WAS HIDEOUS!! No offense to those that actually grew up then.
But really? Making your house look like it too?
I do admit though, they had very colorful homes, which isn't a problem. But the puke green, yellow and browns they have going on.. not so hot.

Smushing your pillows down in the middle so it looks like a butt.. What? When did that start looking good?

The color Brown.

The fact that I'm working on a present for my Mom and Kevin and it's just not working! I cannot tell what it is, but after they have it, I'll share. Unless I go with something else, which might happen.. But hopefully not.

Happy thoughts:

I've sold 18 scarves already, 2 of which were today! I feel so happy about that. SO DANG HAPPY! Also, I had a whole slew of girls wanting a scarf yesterday when I hosted Bunco at my house; it was probably because of this sweet setup that I have in my house! (Thank you ancient pump organ for being more than just a waste of space!)

5 days, and we'll be in Washington!!

My sister is growing a baby boy in her belly!

(Sorry if you wanted to share this somewhere first, Kay.. or not show it at all. But you sent it to me, therefore I can do whatever I want with it!)

I'm finally LOVING almost everything about the front two rooms of our house! I may be bragging, but I feel as though I've done a dang good job with everything (:

Anyways, happy Friday! I'm going to pick up my wonderful husband and keep him all to myself this whole weekend!!


  1. Hahaha I completely agree with all the things that bug you...YUCK!! Sean and I have mentioned more than once how stupid that 70's stuff is!
    And I REALLY wish I lived somewhere cold so I could justify getting more scarves from you! The mustard yellow is my favorite, besides the one I have. you should probably bring it to Washington and lots of boots with you that I can wear. I miss raiding your closet!
    And it is okay you put my belly on here :)

  2. I lived in the 70's and didn't like the colors then either. I think you're pretty safe in not offending anyone. ;) Don't like the butt pillows either. And you HAVE done a cute job with your house.

  3. Your scarves are so pretty! I feel like we are swimming in scarves here between mine and my daughters'.