Monday, November 26, 2012

I am emotional but blessed.

I got in the re-decorating mood last night and wanted to completely re-arrange our room! But if you've seen our room, you know that there isn't much I can re-arrange, because our bed takes up more than half of the room and is on the only wall that it can be on. So we're taking out my shoe shelf, because it just looks awful, meaning that we have to clear out some closet space for my shoes.

While doing that, I was ridding myself of old clothes, sweatshirts, pants and shoes that I never wear anymore. I was struggling getting rid of my sweatshirts because you can never have too many! And they're one of my favorite items of clothing! So Cody held up a sweatshirt, as he did every one before it and said "Good one?" and I hesitated because it was my nerdy Aylen Band sweatshirt that had Dewey on the back. How weird would that be if someone was going around wearing my last name on their back? I expressed my concern, and Cody just said "It won't be a big deal, I promise. No one's going to care about the name on their back, they will just be glad to have a sweatshirt at all."

Now I'm sure to anyone else, their reaction would be something like "Yeah, good point. It's a little small and I can get rid of it." But of course I'm not "anyone else". Because right after he said that, I started bawling. Here I am, going through my 20 coats, and 15 sweaters, trying to decide if they're cute enough to keep and "even though I haven't worn this in a year and a half, I will!", there are people out there that have nothing! Only a couple shirts, but no source of warmth, and I'm worried about someone having my last name on their clothing. It was a small but humbling experience and I'm very grateful for it.

We just had Thanksgiving, and I talk about how grateful I am to be able to live in a house that has heat, and to have a bed and blankets, and for all of my jackets and such, but I just need to think of others more. Yes, I have all of these wonderful things, but what can I go without so that others don't have to? Needless to say, I'm taking that sweatshirt along with 5 or 6 others to DI so that someone can have a sweatshirt this freezing cold winter.

I am so thankful for my ability to feel for others, and to cry whenever I feel the spirit or am touched, or feel bad for someone, etc. because it allows me to re-evaluate my life and helps me appreciate all the wonderful things I've been blessed with (even though sometimes I'll cry 10+ times in a day.. and it usually results in a headache ;). We all really are so blessed, and I'm thankful we just had Thanksgiving to remember those things, and for Christmas so we can give to others.


  1. I think if everyone kept that phrase in their minds, we would stop this great division of rich vs. poor. Well said Cody, and well taken to heart Shay.

  2. Sweet post dear!! I see how that could affect means you're growing up and it just doesn't seem me...I KNOW...I still feel 35...but how can that be when I have a 30 year old Son!!! You have a wonderful spirit of humility about you that I love Shyn!!!