Wednesday, July 25, 2012


And I've never loved my house more than I do right now! It's seriously SO CUTE! So, here are some pictures!
We have a blue garbage can, thanks to Cody and some spray paint. Best idea ever! And it's Cody's favorite thing in the house, literally. He says something about every time he throws something away or we go to other people's houses, he just has to make sure they know about it (:

New script art! And the garbage can matches it and our EAT sign!

Close up of the script art.. I love the colors and the message!
Moved the Proclamation to the World under the clock
I printed this "letter" out because it was so funny! And quite perfect for the kitchen!

Moved things around a bit, so the piano is now on the right! And once again, I love how open it looks now!

We have pictures behind our front door now!

"Choose your love, love your choice" above the mirror

We had to move the picture frames because this plant was covering them all, but I love it like this!

We put the Brunson sign above our book cabinet, along with some cool wall design/candle holder things I got from bunco a while ago! Along with a few candles and my little baby plant! Not sure about that set up, but can't think of anything else to put on top of the book cabinet.. So that might change in the future! So now the pump organ holds our picture books!
 Also, did you notice that the couch that used to be in front of the organ is gone?!?! Well, almost, it's in the middle of the room waiting to be picked up. I love how open our front room looks now!

I painted the words to Brad Paisley's - Then onto some cardboard. It's mine and Cody's song, also the one we danced to at our wedding. It's not perfect, or at all what I wanted it to look like, but not everything you create has to be perfect, right? And it's just a cute reminder of our relationship, since every single part of that song relates to how it went with us (:

Loved this saying, and it's on my craft desk for when I'm not feeling too crafty.. Let you're awesomeness free! (:

New additions to our bedroom!

Love this quote so much! 

So simple, but so cute

And we have a picture of us in our room! Finally!
Cody's night stand

As always, it looks so much better in person, so come on by, why dontcha! (:


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! So adorable! I'm so glad you are having so much fun decorating! That house totally screams Shaylin and Cody! hahaha Where did you get all those cute sayings? Pinterest?

  2. You house looks absolutely lovely. My favorite? THE PLANTS! :) So glad you picked some up for yourself. Don't they just make you feel better??

  3.'ve been busy dear!! Everything looks have a cute little house and it's totally YOU!!! LOVE IT!!