Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

I didn't really take pictures, and I'm not sure why.. Kinda wish I did though. Oh well, next time I guess.    It started out with going to the Provo parade! It was a really cool and fun thing to do with our friends (Carly, Courtney, Holly & Jordan) and it was fun to go to a Parade again since the last one I went to was in Jr. High when I was in the marching band! Okay, I know I just said it was a fun thing to do with our friends, but it was pretty dang boring haha. Except for the cool cops that were on Motorcycles and doing cool synchronized tricks.. Well, after we saw our fare share of the parade, we all went back to the pool at Carriage Cove (where I lived for 2 months before I moved in with my aunt right before Cod and I got married) because it was SOO freaking hot! We were all disgustingly sweaty. And of course we practiced our back flips! Which, I never told the story of. Well, I will..  {Last Saturday, Cody and I went to the pool with Carly, and she decided, after watching Cody back-flip, that she wanted to try. And my goodness, it was probably the most hilarious thing ever! I can't even describe how funny it was. Well, after about an hour of them saying that I should try, and me declining the offer, I ended up right next to Carly, looking like an idiot and trying it. It is so dang scary! I couldn't ever even get the courage to try back-flipping on a trampoline! Well, it's a long journey, but we're getting there (: And hopefully we'll perfect it this Saturday!!} Back to the original story, after the pool we went to the Freedom Festival and walked around at all the cute little shops, got free ice cream, and we all bought new sunglasses!

Then the whole group minus Courtney, went down to Delta for the 4th of July Demolition Derby. Those are always fun, watching cars smash into each other (: Then we stayed for the fireworks, which I'm glad we did because they were really good!!
Oh yeah, and a WHOLE freaking lot of this has been going on! This is of the Alpine canyon on fire. Pretty soon the entire state will be on fire. Baptism with fire much?

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