Thursday, July 12, 2012

Apparently my blog misses me...

(Thank goodness Kayla told me, or else I never would have known!)

Well, this post will be a huge jumble of thoughts that have been going through my head lately.

So Cody and I don't have insurance for health or dental, and my friend Melanie from Pizza Pie Cafe kinda got in contact with me and a bunch of people through Facebook because she's going to Dental Hygiene school and wanted to know if we needed our teeth cleaned! Of course we did, it's been years since we've gotten them checked. So we found out that it would be a 3 hour appt, and might have to go into a second or even third appt. BUT, it would only be $10 total per person. Such a good deal! It's a huge chunk of time each time we have to go in, but it was worth it for the money we paid. Plus we even got free X-Rays and a free Dental exam (where we found out some new that will definitely be making our wallets very very sad). We've gone in three times already, the last time being today! So happy! The only thing I have to go back in for is to get sealants on three of my teeth, which if I went to their little dental clinic in the back, they'd charge be $20 per tooth, but guess what? Since I'm having Melanie do it as a learning experience, it's free!! Man, I'm excited about all the sweet deals that come with it!

Now, a kind of embarrassing story. Not really though, because it's very hard for me to get embarrassed. ANYWAYS, our last cleaning appt was this morning at 8. And Melanie even texted me last night to remind me. And I had been thinking about it all week; except for last night when I was supposed to set my alarm. So when Cody was waking up for work this morning, he hit the snooze button a few times, and finally at 7:50am said, "Shaylin! We were supposed to have our cleanings done today at 8!" After I asked what time it was, I jumped out of bed and got ready so fast! We were out the door in no time, and thankfully weren't too late for our appointments. Those were over, 3 hours later, and I dropped Cody off at work and came home to do a few things.. Right when I was about to leave to go to the bank to get a few things situated, I looked at my outfit just to make sure everything was looking like it was supposed to. WELL IT WASN'T! I'm wearing a black t-shirt with a pink and black tank-top over it.. and I realized that my black under shirt was inside out! The people at the dental clinic must have thought I was mental! I do not remember that last time I've done that! So, note for the future, and for any of you that have done this.. Don't get ready in the dark, and look at your shirt before you leave the house.

As I was driving home from the bank today, I drove past a cute old man that was just sitting in his chair on his front porch. He and his wife are always up super early in the morning working on their garden, and they're also on their porch a lot, and it just got me really excited for being old (: Of course I'm going to enjoy every second of my life until that time, but I'm just excited to be able to sit on my front porch with my cute old man husband and just watch people and nature (:

FINALLY to wrap up my thoughts, I've been reading like a mad-man lately! And since I read fairly fast, at about 1 page per minute of a normal book, (Yes, I know it's nerdy that I know that.. but I got curious one day..) I'm almost through my second book in the last 7 days. Carly gave me The Maze Runner by James Dashner last Wednesday, and I didn't start reading it until the next day, and got hooked on the book! It is seriously so good! I've been in a rut since finishing The Hunger Games because they were so good! But I'm so glad Carly recommended them to me! So now, like I said, one week later and I'm 87 pages away from finishing the second book. I will finish reading it as soon as this post is over. And I'm not going to summarize the book, because I've come to realize that I'm HORRIBLE at summarizing, so I'll just leave you with this: The first two books, and I'm assuming the same goes for the third, are freaking amazing! So addicting, you won't even want to put it down to use the bathroom or eat.. Forget about it!

Haha, that was awful. Just go get the book. I just looked online, and it looks like they'll be making a movie out of it? Maybe? SCORE!!

Anyways, thanks for taking a tour of my mind today (: Have a good Thursday! I'm going to the pool with Cod as soon as he gets off work!!

And because a blog post is just weird without a picture, I'll leave you with one that has me laughing my butt off every time I think about it!
This is Trixie helping Kaylee sweep their new house! While Kaylee was sweeping, Trixie put her front two paws on the broom and started walking along with Kaylee!! Goodness, I miss that little pup! (And Kaylee & Sean too! :)

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  1. yay for the tour in your head!! hahah that is a really cute picture of the dog..hahah! super funny you showed up in inside out clothes to the dentist...awkward! hahahah freakin SCORE on all the free dentist visits! that's so awesome! i'm jealous, mine are always expensive, like really expensive. sorry about the visit that's going to be expensive though. find someone else to do it for free! hahahh