Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This post has a ton of pictures, because duh.. we went to France!

I told Cody about it a couple days before so he could get ready for our "flight" to France, and he was so excited!!

 Once he realized that I didn't have a passport too, he decided that I needed to be added to his (:


We started the morning off with Kool Aid (which I know they drink instead of wine in France..) and Crepes with berries!

I'm just about a professional crepe maker (:

Our money to pay for breakfast! So yummy!

After breakfast, we decided to go to the Timpanogos Temple and do sealings on our 6 month anniversary... how appropriate! There were 4 brides out taking pictures when we got there, taking up every entrance to get into the temple, so we had to wait a few minutes just to get inside!

Then we went to Walmart and Cody was going to get me flowers, but I decided I didn't want them because they die too fast.. so we got plants instead! They're kind of a double whammy because the are my birthday present too! Pictures later in the post!

When we came home, it was cocktail hour! Grapes, berries, lemon bars, french bread, cheese and crackers (by the way, Laughing Cow cheese, the creamy swiss kind, is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS! I had no idea!) I was going to get sparkling cider for this event, then remembered that I hate sparkling cider, so with a coupon from Target, I bought a 2 liter bottle of Voltage Mountain Dew! SO glad I did!

 Then began our tour of France! I researched all sorts of facts about France and acted as the tour guide, complete with pictures around our house!

Experiencing a hot air balloon event!

Haha the sun was in his eyes (;

 After the tour, we sat down with our language expert friend (Google Translate) and learned some romantic French phrases!

And here are the plants! I'm seriously so in love with them! I've never had plants before, and I'm so excited to see if I can keep them alive! I really started wanting one after my friend Taylor got one for her house and said it cleans the air.. Now I have 3 buddies in my house that are dedicated to cleaning our air and looking quite beautiful!

These plants also inspired me to re-decorate a little bit, so a post will be coming soon of the updated house decorations! All in all, our day was amazing! Everything went so perfectly, Cody loved it, and it was definitely fun to do something different!

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  1. FUN trip to FRANCE....,you're soo clever dear!!! Your plants are Fabulous, and your date looked wonderful too!!